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Best AWP Skins CSGO [TOP 10]

AWP is one of the best examples of one-shot one-kill weapons and one of the most popular CSGO weapons. You play the game with fear knowing that an ambushing opponent can sneak up on you and kill you with this weapon. In this article, we will introduce you to the best AWP skins in CSGO that will increase the amount of fear you unleash or make you and your weapon cooler.

1. AWP | Acheron (FT)

Price: $0.44$2.39

Collection: The 2018 Nuke Collection

Released: 1 September 2018

Case: Nuke Souvenir Case

Quality: Mili-Spec

The body of this unique AWP rifle skin is embellished with images of faded skulls exposed to radiation. In the background, there are randomly distributed gray bones.

You can use this terrifying skin as if you are on a mission to show how cold-blooded you are.

2. AWP | Fever Dream (FT)

Price: $3.30$3.38

Collection: The Spectrum Collection

Released: 16 March 2017

Case: Spectrum Case

Quality: Classified

This AWP weapon has a very vibrant and colorful design. On the rifle’s body, there are patterns of children’s drawings painted in various light colors. Besides various monsters, there are inscriptions such as “Headshot,” “Wolves are at my door,” “Living Dead.”

It’s one of the cheapest skins in the game, according to its insane appearance, and it’s pretty enjoyable.

3. AWP | Containment Breach

Price: $35.38$48.35

Collection: The Shattered Web Collection

Released: 19 November 2019

Case: Shattered Web Case

Quality: Covert

Neon green and black, two colors that fully match the “Infected” theme, make the weapon a toxic trouble. On the body of the rifle, a radioactive beast with an open mouth and bright eyes is painted wandering in the forest.

If you are a fan of Chernobyl-like themes, then this is one of the best AWP skins that should be in your CSGO inventory.

Price: $35.38$48.35

Collection: The Shattered Web Collection

Released: 19 November 2019

Case: Shattered Web Case

Quality: Covert

4. AWP | Neo-Noir (FT)

Price: $18.04$24.23

Collection: The Danger Zone Collection

Released: 6 December 2018

Case: Danger Zone Case

Quality: Covert

Skin’s design is reminiscent of the neo-noir comic style. On the body of the rifle, two beautiful warrior girls are painted. The paint’s color scheme is primarily black and shades of pink, purple, and sky blue.

This AWP skin looks quite elegant and cool and is definitely a must-have in your inventory if you like comic and neon-styled themes.

5. AWP | Hyper Beast (FT)

Price: $19.62$25.64

Collection: The Falchion Collection

Released: 26 May 2015

Case: Falchion Case

Quality: Covert

In the body of the rifle, there is a painted magnificent creature in mind-blowing colors. It’s not clear exactly what this monster is, but doesn’t it look like a huge sea monster? In the color scheme, green, orange, and red predominate.

If you feel like a ruthless beast when you kill your enemies in one shot while using AWP, I think we have found the weapon that suits you: Hyper Beast.

6. AWP | Atheris (FT)

“As deadly as it is beautiful.”

Price: $1.36$1.77

Collection: The Prisma Collection

Released: 14 March 2019

Case: Prisma Case

Quality: Restricted

The body of the rifle includes an image of an African tree viper Atheris which has colorations of blue and bright green. Also, the rifle is pure black. The scope has patterns resembling snake scales.

No matter how beautiful and impressive it looks, don’t be fooled by its strikingness; you will taste death as soon as it bites you with its sharp teeth.

7. AWP | Asiimov (WW)

Price: $50.65$62.84

Collection: The Phoenix Collection

Released: 20 February 2014

Case: Operation Phoenix Weapon Case

Quality: Covert

The body of the rifle has black and bright orange stripes that run all over it. The rifle’s futuristic theme makes it stand out, and the geometric shapes on it create a graphic wonder.

This weapon was so popular that the “Factory new” and “Minimal wear” versions have gotten extinct from the market.

Another interesting feature about this weapon is that in the black-scarred version, the sniper’s scope turns black. This is a very rare event, and the skin transforms directly into the rarer “Blackiimov”.

8. AWP | Mortis (FT)

“Every end is a new beginning.”

Price: $1.11$1.94

Collection: The Clutch Collection

Released: 16 February 2018

Case: Clutch Case

Quality: Classified

This is a blood-curdling and stunning skin inspired by Death Tarot cards. Its body is painted in brown and red colors. The skin’s body and scope have brown tiles.

The buttstock part features the Grim Reaper. It is embellished with the image of a horse skeleton on the part with a checkered background.

9. AWP | PAW (FN)

“Kill em’ with kindness.”

Price: $2.84$3.73

Collection: The Horizon Collection

Released: 3 August 2018

Case: Horizon Case

Quality: Restricted

Now it’s time for one of the game’s most fun and sweet skins. The body of the rifle contains different cartoon images of cats and dogs.

Although it contains cute and goofy animals, don’t let your opponents forget how deadly this weapon can be, PAW them!

10. AWP | Wildfire (FT)

“Even if it dies, it will rise from the ashes.”

Price: $33.77$39.81

Collection: The CS20 Collection

Released: 18 October 2019

Case: CS20 Case

Quality: Covert

It is created with a magnificent Phoenix design that begins to rise from the pistol grip. When you use this glorious AWP skin, your opponents will realize how dangerous and “burning” you are and will fear you.


In this article, we introduced you to the best AWP skins in CSGO. If you want to buy these skins at a lower price from the Steam Community Market, you can visit third-party sites like Lootbear and make your purchases and trade easily.

If you want to browse the skins of other weapons with scopes like the SG-553 and find the best one for you, you can take a look at this article. You can always contact us if there are topics you are curious about or want to suggest.