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Cool CS:GO Skins | The Best CS:GO Skins You Can Use in 2021

After you’ve been playing CS:GO for a while, skins become the main focus of why you play. Sure, the gameplay is enjoyable enough, but what really drives you into one more match is the allure of a new skin for your favorite weapons. In this guide, we’re going to cover some cool CS:GO skins and even go over what we believe are the best CS:GO skins for 2021. We’ll also throw in some reasons why we love each of these skins so much.

What are CS:GO Weapon Skins?

Before we start, let’s just clarify what we’re talking about. Skins in CS:GO are decals or a cosmetic look for your weapons that you can equip. This will be individual to you, allowing you to see the skin on that weapon every time you play. However, others will also be able to see that skin. It’s what sets you apart from every other player in the game. In particular, it defines you as a player with several hours under their belt, not just some newbie who picked the game up one week ago.

CS:GO Skin Rarity Guide

Skins can be an incredibly lucrative thing to sell. Players crave these skins so much that they’re willing to put down thousands of dollars on them. However, you’ll need one of the highest quality if you want to make the most profit. Below, we’ve organized the CS:GO skin rarity ratings from highest at the top to lowest.

  1. Factory New
  2. Minimal Wear
  3. Field-Tested
  4. Well-Worn
  5. Battle-Scarred
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The Best CS:GO Skins of 2021

Now we’ll get into this list properly. What follows are the best weapon skins you can earn in CS:GO right now.

M4A1-S: Golden Coil – Case: Shadow

cool csgo skins M4A1-S- Golden Coil

As you can see, this skin is absolutely stunning. The golden dragon on it and the way it coils around your weapon makes it look like the bullets are coming straight from its mouth. This adds emphasis to your shots’ lethality and makes you feel like a mystical legend every time you nail a kill.

Glock-18: Oxide Blaze – Case: Danger Zone

Glock-18- Oxide Blaze

We love the idea that a rusty little weapon like this could destroy a team’s chances at winning. It even looks like the flames were painted on as an afterthought. The kind has some very post-apocalyptic vibes to it, which you don’t see a lot of in CS:GO.

Desert Eagle: Kumicho Dragon – Case: Operation Wildfire

Desert Eagle- Kumicho Dragon

This is a skin that was made for trick shots. You fully expect the owner of this weapon to nail an enemy with a headshot, spin the pistol, and then get another one straight away. We’d got as far as saying it should be a reward restricted to pro players, but that wouldn’t be very fair.

AWP: Hyper Beast – Case: Falchion

AWP- Hyper Beast

This is an iconic CS:GO weapon skin. It has gone on to be made into 3D models because players use it so much. While that does make it slightly less individual, it’s no less special. If you own this, you know that you’re going to land that next headshot. Watch out for those bright colors though, they make you much more obvious.

MAC-10: Disco Tech – Case: Prisma 2

MAC-10- Disco Tech

If you love neon lights and loud music, this skin is for you. It’s probably the least subtle skin in the game, but that’s fine. Any enemies who see it will be dead before they can tell their friends about it. The highlight of this weapon is the colors used across it. Nothing looks too obnoxious, and it all fits together quite well.

Butterfly Knife, Doppler – Case: Spectrum or Spectrum 2

Butterfly Knife, Doppler

As far as understated cool CS:GO skins go, this is king. The knife is covered in blood, but it’s old. It hasn’t been cleaned for a while. The red highlights along the handles make it look sharper, almost as if they’re required to stop people from cutting their fingers off. This knife is definitely the last thing your enemies will see.

Hand Wraps, Duct Tape – Case: Clutch

Hand Wraps, Duct Tape

You can get some very fancy hand wraps in CS:GO. They can light up the world as if you’ve got hands that could heal any injury. Those are bright and new, though. If you want something that looks old and used. Something that has some wear to it that adds credence to the reality of being a soldier, then you want these hand wraps.

Hydra Gloves, Rattler – Case: Clutch

Hydra Gloves, Rattler

CS:GO isn’t a game about being in a biker gang that murders other biker gangs. If it was, you’d want to wear these. Even without the biker gang concept, these are still some beautiful hand wraps. The studs make it look like you’re ready for a torture scene. Any punches with those will leave a scar, and that’s what it takes to get answers.

‌‌Desert Eagle Code Red – Case: Operation Horizon

‌‌Desert Eagle Code Red - The Horizon Collection

You can’t beat the classics, and red is a classic color. This skin oddly reminds us of an old car. One that’s been maintained in great condition and still runs well. Enemy players will underestimate you if you use a bright skin like this. As long as you have the skills to put a bullet in them before they laugh at you, it’s a winning skin.

AK-47: Aquamarine Revenge – Case: Falchion

AK-47- Aquamarine Revenge

Dragons are easily the best mythical creature to slap on a weapon. This skin combines the red hot essence of those legendary lizards with the cooling colors of a summer breeze or a clear ocean swim. It’s the perfect combination of fiery rage and retaining your cool persona. This skin looks like it would help you maintain balance and a level head in the middle of a battle.

M4A4: Desolate Space – Case: Gamma

M4A4- Desolate Space

This is the only skin that reminds us of how dangerous space can be. The neon colors and the skull all bring a theme of desolation. There’s nothing much that this skin can make you feel. It’s purely for cosmetic purposes because no soldier would have this monstrosity out on the battlefield. It does look awesome, though.

USP-S: Cortex – Case: Clutch

USP-S- Cortex

This is a skin that makes you feel like you can do some serious damage. The brains artistically splattered all over it are a sign that you should only go for headshots while you have it equipped. This is a stylish skin that most players would be lucky to have, but only a few will be able to get their hands on it out of luck.

Galil AR: Chatterbox – Case: Chroma

Galil AR- Chatterbox

This last skin is one that’s stuck between two worlds. Obviously, the skull gives it a feel of being some sort of weapon that a cartel uses. You could imagine this being fired at DEA officers while trying to bust a load of drugs on the highway. However, the stripes bring an almost animalistic tiger-like feel to the skin. It’s not something you often see in the game, making this skin more individual than most.


It isn’t always about how good a skin looks. For the most part, cosmetics are about expressing your personal style. However, in this game, there is definitely a market for cool CS:GO skins. You can fetch thousands of dollars for some of the skins we’ve featured here, provided they’re in the right condition. Bear that in mind the next time you go to equip one.

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