csgo 7 day trade ban

CSGO 7 Day Trade Ban

Let’s talk about what the CSGO trading system is before we get into the topic. Counter-Strike, like any other game, features a plethora of features. One of the most intriguing is, as you might expect, in-game skins. So, what exactly are these in-game skins? Using these in-game skins, as the name implies, allows you to change the appearance of your weapon and make it more unique. You can even show off your friends with these in-game skins. Even more interestingly, some of these in-game skins can sell for thousands of dollars. So, what exactly is the CSGO 7 day trade ban? Let’s take a look at everything at once.

In-game skins have become an essential part of the content of the vast majority of YouTubers and streamers. You’ve probably seen it on the videos where they open the in-game loot boxes. The Dragon Lore AWP, the most expensive prize, is what the majority of players are after.

Another interesting feature is CSGO’s Trading Up in-game mechanic. Players can combine 10 common skins to create a rarer skin using this in-game mechanic. Of course, trading skins can take a long time. Furthermore, the player must put money into the game. Nonetheless, we advise you to give it a shot.

Trading, which had previously been an important part of the CSGO experience, has also changed with the early updates of 2018. Before this update, players could exchange skins whenever they wanted. Of course, high levels of scams were unavoidable in these trade ban update.

CSGO Trade Ban Update

To put it simply, the CSGO trade ban means that when trading with a person or a bot, the item you receive cannot be traded for 7 days.

An even bigger change came in late 2019 before CSGO players could come out of this CSGO trade ban shock. This change was that keys purchased after a certain date could not be exchanged. Of course, this change brought by Valve did not please the CSGO trading community.

Because now it has become much more difficult and expensive to trade skins. Valve stated that the upcoming update for these CSGO keys is due to its role in scam networks around the world. Valve believes that the 7-day CSGO trade ban will help to reduce the number of stolen items. Well… did this CSGO trade 7 days ban work?

The CS:GO community felt that Valve’s update was not only meant to deal with scammers, but also to fight against roulette websites where CS:GO skins are used as currency and open case websites that allow you to trade without delay. Despite all the petitions and letters written to remove the CSGO trade 7 days ban that came with this new update, unfortunately, the result has not changed.

There was no other choice but to get used to the new update. And of course, with this update, the existence of these roulette sites that we mentioned has ended.

So, why did it have to be seven days?

Couldn’t it be a little shorter? Did this make a difference? Was it beneficial? So, where did the traders go? Obviously not. It’s just that their business is slowing down. Is it safer? Obviously not. Scammers are still around. On the Community Market, they can easily sell someone else’s item.

Astralis AWPer Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz was among those who objected to the update. According to Dev1ce, it will work much better if bots operating on gambling websites are manually banned. Dev1ce also believes that Valve is the sole beneficiary of this update. We must not dismiss the profits that the market will make as a result of this CSGO 7 day trade ban situation.

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How to Avoid 7 Day Trade Ban Steam?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove or circumvent the mandatory 7-day trading ban. But there’s no need to panic. As long as the community does not change, the market will not change either.

Valve Adds New Restrictions to CSGO

Multiple trades and market restrictions have been imposed on CSGO, according to a new update released by Valve. Of course, the CSGO community was not pleased with this update. If we were to make a list of the incoming update

  1. For one week, items purchased from the in-game store will not be tradable or marketable.
  2. Furthermore, for one week, Operation Crates will not be tradable or marketable.
  3. Items obtained from market-restricted containers will be available for immediate sale on the Steam Community Market.

So what do these mean? To put it simply, any “Operation Case” purchased with the help of “Operation Rewards” that we earn by completing weekly missions, also called “Stars”, as well as items purchased from the CSGO store, will not be able to be traded or marketed for at least 1 week. However, items bought by users that are not tradable, known as market-restricted containers, can be sold immediately on the ‘Steam Community Market’.

These changes will undoubtedly have an impact on the CSGO Steam Marketplace and third-party websites, which is unavoidable.

However, we are confronted with a more serious issue. Many members of the CSGO community are skeptical of Valve’s intentions. In addition, there was a major issue with “CSGO market sales and item trades.” In order to deal with this serious problem, Valve had to do something unexpected and disable the Steam Community Market for CSGO items for 7 hours. However, that didn’t go too well with the regular user base.