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CSGO In Game Drops Explained 2022

As you know in CSGO, you can earn free drops by playing games for many years. However, the players do not have enough information about this subject. Therefore, we do not encounter people who use this feature much. In fact, if you tell someone about this situation, most of them will say that they are not aware of it. In our article today, we will compile everything that is known about CSGO in game drops and present it to you.

For example, when do drops reset CSGO question is critical. Because the CSGO free drop system resets every week. And there is a specific day-time to reset. If you play CSGO knowing these, you can win nice items. Now if you are ready, let’s get started and have a look at all the details about the CSGO drops system.

How Do CSGO In Game Drops Work on a Weekly Basis?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, CSGO free drops are reset every week. In other words, players can access these drops by playing games regularly every week. In addition, no matter which game mode you play, you can get drops after the match is over. For this, all you have to do first is to collect 5,000 XP. You will be able to receive drops every week after your profile rank increases.

When Do CSGO Weekly Drops Reset?

CS drops experience a reset every week. It always resets in the middle of the week. For players playing in the EU, there will be a drop reset on Wednesday. For NA players, it’s Tuesdays. Therefore, if you want to receive CSGO drops, we recommend that you quickly reach 5,000 XP.

What Does CSGO In Game Drops Include?

The weekly drops you can get in CSGO will include graffiti spray, crates, or weapon skins. Valve has determined a pool where you can get these drops. The collections of skins you can find in this pool are as follows;

  • The 2018 Nuke Collection
  • The 208 Inferno Collection
  • The Train Collection
  • The Dust 2 Collection
  • The Lake Collection
  • The Safehouse Collection
  • The Bank Collection
  • The Italy Collection
csgo in game drops

You can only get the items in this collection for free every week. Other than that, if you want a CSGO knife, for example, you may not find what you are looking for. For that, you should check third party CSGO trading sites like Lootbear. Or you can buy it with money on the Steam Community Market. Otherwise, you have no chance to get quality items from free drops.

Contents of CSGO Free Drop System

We’ll take a look at what you’ll get from the weekly drops system. We will also try to provide up-to-date information about the prices of the products.

Graffiti Sprays

Graffiti Sprays are usually the cheapest items in the drop system. However, you can sell Recoil AWP graffiti for $8-$10. This is perhaps one of the most expensive items you can get for free. This type of graffiti is the item targeted by players who want to farm it.

CSGO Case Drops

There are some cases that you can get at the end of the matches. Players can win a maximum of 3 cases per week. In addition, these cases may vary depending on whether you are a prime player or not.

The case drops you can drop as a Prime Account holder are as follows;

  • Prisma 2 Case – $0.06
  • Danger Zone Case – $0.07
  • Clutch Case – $0.24
  • Fracture Case – $0.35
  • Snakebite Case – $1.54
cs go ingame drops

If you have a non-prime account, the case drops you will receive are as follows;

  • Revolver Case – $0.07
  • Horizon Case – $0.08
  • CS20 Case – $0.09
  • Chroma 3 Case – $0.10
  • Spectrum 2 Case: $0.21
  • Gamma 2 Case: $0.31

Prime account holders can also drop items that non-Prime can obtain. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to have a Prime account when farming free skins in CSGO.

Are Rare Items Available in Weekly Drops?

As we just mentioned, you can only drop 3 crates per week. And there is a question that everyone is wondering. Are rare cases dropped from weekly drops? Our answer to that would be an absolute yes. Because there is a small chance of dropping eSports 2013 Case, eSports 2013 Winter Case, and eSports 2014 Summer Cases. These cases cost up to $20.

You can also drop Shattered Web Case and Operation Broken Fang Cases, which you can rarely get. If you manage to use the CSGO weekly drop system wisely, you can get free skins. Moreover, you can do this without spending even a cent.

Rarity and Luck

In the CSGO weekly drop system, you have a chance to drop items based on rarity.

Here are your chances of dropping items from weekly drops;

  • Blue – 100 items with a 79.92%
  • Purple – 20 items with a 15.98%
  • Pink – 4 items with a 3.2%

The most expensive items are available in Pink quality. As you can see, there is a very rare drop stat of 3.2%.

Final Words

In today’s article, we have prepared a guide about CSGO in game drops. We can say that it is a great method for those who want to earn skins in CSGO for free. You can build your inventory, albeit slowly, by acquiring three items each week.

You can also save your Steam balance by selling the cases you drop as drops and buying the skin you want. Maybe you can get some serious gains by dropping very rare items. Moreover, all you have to do for all this is just to play CSGO. Good luck 😊