SMG spray pattern

CSGO SMG Spray Pattern – FULL LIST – MAC-10 – MP5 – P90

Spraying is of great importance in CSGO and many other FPS games. The key to being a good FPS player is knowing how to recoil all weapons. If you know the recoil of the weapons you use frequently in CSGO, your successful spray rate is very high. Especially SMG Spray Pattern will be very useful in the rounds you save in CSGO.

This is exactly why we will examine the SMG weapons in CSGO in today’s article. We will explain how you can learn quickly by examining Recoils and Spray Patterns. As hard as some weapons are to master, we think our guide will help you get started.

If you are ready now, let’s get started and take a quick look at the details of our article.

MAC-10 Spray Pattern

Although MAC-10 is not generally preferred, it is used in some difficult rounds. From the first moment you start firing, the MAC-10 spray will be directed to the left rapidly.

Mac-10 Recoil

The most convenient way to control the Mac-10 while firing is to move the cross down. That’s why now we’re going to tell you about the best ways you can use the Mac-10.

  • Always try to play close to the enemy when using the Mac-10. It’s important to engage in close range combat to increase the accuracy of your bullets.
  • Never fire bullets continuously. Just pause every 3-5 rounds and fire again. In this way, the first 3-5 bullets will always reach the point where you aim.


The MP5-SD is considered a new weapon, added to the game in 2018. It is a more stable version of its successor, the MP5. Spray and recoil are similar to MP7. So we will base the images of the MP7.

  • Always try to keep the cross centered to control the recoil of the MP5-SD. When the deviation starts on the cross, try to steer to the left.
  • Use 3-4 bullets per shot for long distances.
  • Shoot the bodies of the enemies in close-range combat. Or aim directly at their heads.

MP7 Spray Pattern

The first 4 bullets you fire with the MP7 are moving very close to each other. If you then keep firing, you can see the Spray heading to the right.

  • Always try to keep the cross-centered, as with the MP5-SD. Then steer to the left.
  • We said that the first 3-4 bullets are important. Start a new fire every 3-4 rounds. In this way, the hit rate of your bullets will increase without experiencing recoil problems.
  • When you engage in close-range combat with the enemy, shoot their bodies.

MP9 Spray Pattern and Recoil

When you start shooting with the MP9, the cross of the gun starts to deviate quickly. That’s why the MP9’s spray is directed first to the left and then to the center.

  • When you start shooting, be careful to keep the cross of the gun on the right. Then slowly pull it to the center.
  • Try not to shoot from long distances. Instead, they prefer close-range combat.
  • All the weapons we have examined as the SMG Spray pattern are used in motion. Therefore, you can use MP9 by moving to a close range.

In the meantime, if you want to practice the SMG Spray pattern, you can take a look at the guide we prepared for Aim Training Maps.


The P90 is a weapon that is used very frequently in the economy rounds in the game. When we look at the Spray pattern of the gun, we can see a rapid rise after the first 15 bullets. After this rise, the spray of the P90 starts to move from left to right. And it becomes very difficult to control.

  • From the moment you start shooting, try to pull down the cross of the gun.
  • You can shoot while moving. Aim for the head as soon as possible. If you have difficulty controlling the spray, you can aim at the body.
smg spray pattern p90


The PP-Bizon is a frequently used weapon in the game, just like the P90. After the first 10 rounds, Bizon’s cross quickly moves up. Then it allows you to throw a fixed Spray with center and left slant. The SMG Spray pattern is the easiest weapon you can craft.

  • Always direct Spray to the left.
  • Shoot wide bursts.
  • Aim at the enemy’s head or stomach from close to medium range.
smg spray pattern bizon


The last weapon we will examine the SMG Spray pattern is the UMP-45. The first bullet you fire with the UMP-45 goes fairly straight. However, it immediately starts to spread and starts to rise upwards.

  • Fire 3-4 rounds when using the UMP-45 at medium and long ranges. Then, after making a slight left turn for the other shots, shift your cross sharply to the right.
  • When engaging with enemies at close range, aim at the opponent’s chest level. Thanks to the recoil, it will hit the opponent’s head after the first 3-4 bullets.
  • Long range shots are always risky. Therefore, aim at the chest and head of the opponent and fire only 3-4 bullets at a time.
smg spray pattern ump-45

Final Words

In today’s article, we made the SMG Spray pattern analysis in CSGO. It is also useful to know these SMGs well, which you will use when you experience defeats in a row. Even a little experience can help you win the match.

In the meantime, if you want, you may want to take a look at the article where we examined the Spray pattern of other weapons in CSGO. Have a nice read.