How to earn free csgo skins

How to Earn Free CSGO Skins – 3 Reliable Options

CSGO has been an FPS game that has managed to have a very strong and crowded player base since its release. Players make their games even more fun by obtaining the most beautiful and coolest skins according to their own tastes. Players have the opportunity to buy skins by paying money, but it would be silly not to take advantage of this opportunity when there is a chance to get CSGO skins for free. In this article, we’ll teach you how to earn free CSGO skins so easily and quick.

There are a few ways to get free skins in CSGO. Such as participating in giveaways, playing the game, completing various quests offered by CSGO item sales sites and gambling or trading sites. After completing some of these processes you can get your free your Counter-Strike skins for free and with no trouble. We’ll tell you all of the easiest and the best ways to get your free skins.

How to Earn CSGO Skins For Free?

CSGO has been very generous so far in allowing its players to get the skins they want. In CSGO, where there are many options for obtaining free skins, you can complete this process in a legit way without any hassle. We will tell you the most preferred ways, but remember, in general, to get free skins, you must comply with the requests of trusted third-party sites.

These can be requests such as watching ads, playing some game tutorials, filling out surveys, doing tasks, installing mobile apps, etc. You will be given free CSGO skins by the sites in return for doing these operations. As long as you prefer reliable sites, you will not encounter any problems, but if you are still not sure about this, the best method we can recommend for you is to play the game itself and get free skin drops.

1. Free Skins from Playing the Game

As in every game, CSGO also has a system where you can get in-game gifts and random drops. Also, there are so many ways to get cases in CSGO. As long as Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) is active and you are playing with real players, you have the chance to receive up to 2-4 random drops per week. They are dropped on a random basis which is not dependent on the number of games you win or lose.

This method is preferred because it is reliable and does not require you to do anything extra while playing normal games. But when you see how easy and not time-consuming the other methods are, maybe you will change your mind. One of the reasons why this method is not preferred is that the falling drops may be in the form of a case. And as you know, to open some case in CSGO you need the key of that case.

In CSGO, there is no way you can get the keys for free to open the case that will allow you to get free skins by playing the game. Keys should always be bought with money. And you never know what you will get from a case. For this reason, players do not risk it and offer the cases directly to sale. Also, if you want to turn your sales into real money, third-party sites will still be the best solution for you as always.

You can convert skins that you don’t want to use or just want to trade into real money using third-party sites like Lootbear. Due to the game’s own principles, skins offered for sale on the Steam Community Market are only used as Steam balance, so you don’t have much of a chance.

2. Free Skins from Offer Walls and Third-Party Sites

In the last few years, websites that offer rewards for various tasks have become quite popular. They provide you with free CSGO skins if you perform different tasks on these sites. They list a number of quests for you to fulfill. It can be something very easy and fast, such as visiting a website and leaving your e-mail address in their newsletter, or they can ask you to download an application, watch ads, ask you to share some posts on your social media accounts, try a mobile game, ask you to fill out a survey, etc. After completing these, they will give you free CSGO skins and you have the chance to do this regularly.

These free skins may be of low value, but you can get high-value free skins by signing up for websites that offer you to play competitive games. These websites may have their own currency, such as point coins and gems, which you can exchange for in-game items. And each site has different quest systems, even though they are quite similar. Some are challenging and offer great value skins, while others can give cheap skins with very simple, seconds-long tasks. Better than nothing, huh?

Also, after completing these quests, they can give you CSGO free skins, as well as offer promo codes, gift cards, or extra other things for their site. This is entirely up to the mechanism of the third-party website. But since this method is getting popular day by day and the competition of the sites is increasing, now the sites are doing their best to keep the players on their sites and they are competing to give them the best rewards.

How does Third-Party Sites work?

Now let’s come to the reliability level of this process. If you are looking for the most suitable and legit, safe site to get free CSGO skins, we can say that you should prefer sites like Lootbear. Because Lootbear, which is very easy and fun in terms of both prizes and usability, is a site you can visit regularly without any hesitation. In addition, the moment you fall for the lie of giving free skins from previously unheard and unknown sites, you risk both your time and your accounts, so be sure to choose the best site. You should not any doubts or problems on how to earn free CSGO skins from these sites.

3. Free Skins from Giveaways

Another way to get free skins, which has been popular in CSGO since 2018, is the giveaway, gift system. These giveaways are usually announced and held on social media accounts and sites. Different conditions may be required to join one, but it is usually based on events such as liking a post, signing up for a site, following someone or some pages or commenting on a post. But keep in mind that each giveaway site may have different terms and conditions, and since you don’t know which social media platforms they support and they want you to use, sign up for most social media platforms if you’re serious about it.

Usually, these giveaways are arranged by Twitch and Youtube creators who are in agreement with the sites. Furthermore, a large number of giveaways are setup on ticket systems. This means that the more tickets you have, the higher your winning rate will be. In order to increase the number of tickets, you must fulfill the tasks offered by that site. So we can say that this process is also connected with the offer walls system. But there are also natural giveaways that do not require any tickets. At this point, you may need to take your chances.

If you want to find social media-oriented giveaways, you can also do your own research by searching for tags such as “#csgoskins, #giveaways, #freecsgoskingiveaway” on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Usually, giveaway creators use these tags to both advertise themselves and try to increase the number of attenders.


1. Are there any other methods for obtaining free CSGO skins?

Of course, there are other ways to get free skins in CSGO, but we do not recommend those methods. As a result, getting things for free without any effort is not possible nowadays, so even though all the methods we suggested earlier give free skins, in return you have to be doing something, even something as simple as playing a game. Some sites may hijack your data and use it for malicious purposes, and you may become a victim of fraud. In our opinion, if you can’t find a lot of positive information about that website and you haven’t heard of it before, stay away from that website. Never log in and do not share your data.

The methods we recommend on how to earn the free CSGO skins in the most reliable way allow you to use them without any doubt. However, be careful which third-party site you do business with, as this industry is quite large, it also attracts scammers. We sincerely recommend that you do not trust everyone.

2. Are free skins worth it?/Are there good drops?

Generally, players do not like these skins because they are cheap. Don’t expect to get a lot of expensive and rare skins with minimal effort. It is unclear what will come of the weekly drops you get by playing CSGO, but it must be a dream to get good drops all the time. But if you’re asking if it’s worth it, it’s definitely worth it. Because you will get skins for free with almost no bother.

If you’re wondering how to turn this to your advantage, it’s always better to trade the junk skins you get from weekly CSGO drops or throw some money in and then try to profit from the margins. So it might be a good method to turn it into profit when you have nothing at hand.

3. How to buy CSGO skins?

There are many ways to do this. If you have money you want to spend, you can afford it, and you are looking for a nice CSGO skin for yourself, your job is easier than trying to get free skins. We will tell you a few ways you can do this.

1. Buying skins from Steam Community Market

Since CSGO is a Steam-based game, almost every skin in CSGO is available at different prices on the Steam Community Market. Here, you can sell the skins you dropped from the game or trade safely.

  • Enter Steam then Steam Community Market
  • Filter the game as Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • Search by the name of the weapon or type the name
  • Send the offer and buy it
  • Then it directly transfers to your Inventory

2. Buying skins from Third-Party Websites

These websites are always a paradise for ambitious CSGO players. Since you are logged in with your Steam account, you will not be exposed to any scams. The skins you buy from these sites are transferred directly to your Steam inventory. The most important reason why players use these sites is that their sales in the Steam Community Market. And it only affect their Steam balance. The only way to prevent this is to sell these skins for real money with very little commissions on trusted sites like Lootbear. Thus, you will not make your trades solely focused on your Steam balance.

  • Find a third-party website and sign in with your Steam account
  • After entering your Steam trade link and connecting your Inventory you can see your skins and items there
  • You can put your skins to sale and get the money you offer
  • Also you can buy skins and accomplish various of trades there


In this article, we introduced you how to earn free skins in CSGO in legit and easy ways. If you prefer to use these methods, you can quickly enjoy free skins. We can say that CSGO is not very enjoyable without skins!

If you have any questions, or topics that you would like to consult, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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