how to fast forward in csgo replay

How to Fast Forward in CSGO Replay?

Did you know that you can download your latest matches in CSGO? It also has the DemoUI feature, letting you watch replays of your last downloaded matches. Sometimes you make significant moves in the game and want to show such moments to your best friend. In addition, players who play CSGO professionally can analyze their own games by watching the replays of their own matches. That’s why players often wonder how to fast forward in a CSGO replay.

How to Fast Forward in CSGO Replay

Firstly, how to fast forward in CSGO replay; you should open the game at any time and find the match you want to record from the “matches” section. Select “download” for whichever match you want to download later. In addition, you can see the competitions you have downloaded by going to the “downloaded matches” section.

In summary;

  • Firstly Launch CSGO
  • Select “Watch Matches and Tournaments“.
  • Then click on “Your Matches”.
  • Finally, select the match you want to download and click on the “Download” button.

In fact, how you can fast forward in CSGO replays are more related to the DemoUI feature. Third-party platforms like FACEIT and ESEA support DemoUI.

Thus, FACEIT and ESEA provide a .zip file with the match link. So what should you do next?

  • Extract the match link from the .zip file.
  • Open in-game console
  • And then, enter “DemoUI
  •  Press Load when DemoUI toggle.
  • Finally, select the match link you extracted.

How to Fast Forward in CSGO Replay Mode- DemoUI

As we said before, how to fast forward in CSGO replay is all about DemoUI. That’s why DemoUI is so essential for CSGO. If you have allowed the DemoUI toggle by entering the DemoUI from the in-game console, let’s take a look at why this is used. 

So what is the purpose of using DemoUI?

Why Use DemoUI?

Access to all the details of your matches puts you ahead of your competitors. So you can watch your own game from your own perspective, and if you can be objective, you will see many benefits. Here are the DemoUI advantages:

  • You can analyze your own mistakes. For example, you can research how well the tactic you planned worked, which spots you died more, or whether you threw your grenades in the right spots.
  • You can see not only your own mistakes but also how your opponent strategizes. So you can see the tactics of your annoying opponent who kills you repeatedly in the game. In addition, you can come to a stronger position against them by analyzing which strategies the entire opposing team is playing with.
  • There will definitely be some details that will bother you during the match. For example, you may have wondered about the location of the grenade you could not find during the conflict. Thanks to the DemoUI, you can find the answer to everything you wonder in the game’s replay.
  • One of its most important features is that it allows you to notice cheaters. In other words, if you suspect a cheating opponent, you can detect cheating by watching your opponent in the replay match. 

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How to use DemoUI?

DemoUI allows you to watch your games later. In addition, you can access your Highlights or Lowlights. Thus, you may reach all the details about your own match and analyze your gameplay to maximize it.

  • Press Shift+F2 for the replay display of your matches. 
  • You will see forward and backward arrows next to Play allow. Forward arrows allow you to fast forward the replay, while others will enable you to fast rewind.
  • In addition to these arrows, some parameters allow you to set your playback speed.

Final Words

In this guide, we aimed to give you the answer to the question “how to fast forward in CSGO replay”. We also discussed the importance of DemoUI and how to use it if you want to improve your gameplay, analyze your opponents or catch cheaters red-handed.

Moreover, you do not need to be a professional to use this feature. Watching your Lowlights, you can laugh over and over at funny moments with your friends. As a result, how about using this feature, which is extremely important for CSGO players?