how to mute in csgo

How to Mute in CS:GO | Turn off all the Noise so you can Focus

CS:GO is a game about tight teamwork. You and your teammates need to work as a single unit to capture objectives, plant bombs, and wipe out the enemy. Most of the time, coordination is key. You need to be in constant radio contact so that you can warn others about where the enemy is, what you can see, and what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s also nice to go radio silent, though. In this guide, we’ll cover how to mute in CS:GO. We’ll also throw in some tips about why you might want to turn everything off every now and then.

The basic method for muting someone in CS:GO is as follows.

  1. Hold TAB to bring up the scoreboard.
  2. Right-click to release the cursor from the game.
  3. Move the cursor to the player you want to mute and click on them.
  4. A pop-up menu will appear. Select the “Block Communication” option.
  5. Release the TAB button, and the scoreboard will be hidden once again.

However, we understand that there’s more to muting players in CS:GO than this. Sometimes you might want to mute others, and sometimes you might want to mute yourself. Let’s go through every option in detail. First, let’s explore what those options are, though.

Muting Options in CS:GO

How to Mute in CS-GO

First, you can do what we’ve already explained how to do, mute another player. This is the most common form of muting, and it’s generally because one player finds another annoying. The second most common form of muting is muting yourself. Some players do this because they don’t want to talk. You may do this if you don’t want to reveal something about yourself. Thirdly, you can mute an entire team. You may do this if you want everyone to stop talking and listen to you. Finally, you can mute every form of talking in the game. This means that the team is silent, and no one can talk to each other.

CS:GO Command Mute All

mute all

For muting everyone at once, you want the command that will mute all players in the game. This is pretty simple to do. Open up your command console by pressing the tilde key ( ` ) and type “mute all” then press enter. This will mute everyone on your team. It prevents them all from being able to talk, and it’s a good way to get some peace and quiet.

You may do this if some of your teammates are being toxic or abusive. If you feel like you want to remove yourself from the situation, muting everyone is a great option. It lets you focus on the game. After a while, everyone else will get the message that you’re not listening to them. Hopefully, this will encourage them to get back to the matter at hand and play some CS:GO.

Bind Mute All CS:GO

bind mute all

If you regularly like to play solo and don’t want anyone else’s voice interrupting you, then it’s well worth binding the mute all command to a button for your game. This is entirely possible, and we’ll explain how now.

  1. Open the command console by pressing the tilde ( ` ) key.
  2. Now type “bind * „voice_enable 0″”. Where the * is, type in the key that you’d like to bind the command to and press enter.
  3. This binds the mute all command, but it’s worth binding a key to unmute all as well. Follow the process above, but type “bind ^ „voice_enable 1″” instead. Where the ^ is, type the key that you’d like to use for this command.

With this done, you can now turn off or on the in-game chat at the tap of a button. It’s instrumental if you suddenly need complete silence. For most, though, all that’s required is the ability to get some peace and quiet from the incessant noise every now and then.

How to Mute Players on CS:GO

muting players in csgo

We’ve already explained the technical aspects of muting players in CS:GO. However, there’s a certain level of courtesy that you should extend to players before muting them. This means that if someone is annoying you or is toxic, you should point out the issue. Tell them that something they said bothered you and ask them not to repeat it, or explain to them that everyone is here to have fun, and no one wants to listen to toxic comments.

If the player persists in the same discourse, warn them that you are about to mute them and then mute them. It’s always best to tell someone that they’ve offended you or someone else or that you don’t want to hear what they’re saying before muting them. They may not understand how what they’ve said has affected you, and by explaining it, you may end up having a far better in-game experience.

On the other hand, you are also well within your rights to mute the entire chat as you start a match. Once again, it’s best to warn the chat that you’re about to do this. If you suddenly disappear from their ears and cease communications, they might think that you’ve gone AFK. Be as much of a team player as you can be and explain to them why you want to mute the chat. Then, mute it and play how you want to.

How to Know When to Turn off Voice Chat in CS:GO

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There are a few scenarios when you should bite the bullet and mute in CS:GO. In this section, we’re going to go through three of the core points when you should know that you need to turn voice chat off in CS:GO.

When you Don’t Want to Talk

We’ve touched upon this a few times in this article, but we want to reiterate it now. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stay quiet and keep to yourself. Some people play CS:GO for the social aspect of it. You can play with friends who live in another part of the world. It’s a wonderful tool for socialization. However, games are also an essential piece of escapism for many. If you just want to play the game and avoid talking to anyone, you should mute yourself and everyone else you play with. This will avoid them talking to you and you to them. No awkward situations can arise.

When you Want to Hear the Team but Also Want to Stay Silent

There’s nothing wrong with muting yourself but keeping everyone else’s voice live. In fact, this is a great way to learn how to use voice chat to your advantage. You can listen to how other players are talking and learn what you need to say to be helpful in a match. For example, you can hear map callouts and understand how and when they are useful.

When Someone is Offensive

There’s no excuse for someone being offensive in a game. There’s also no place for it. If Valve could step in and mute that player, then they would. You can do it for them and save yourself some trouble. If someone is toxic towards you, a friend, or if they’re offensive, mute them and recommend everyone else does the same.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, but the important thing to remember is that you can mute players whenever you want. If you feel like you want to be silent, then you can do that too. Ultimately, CS:GO is a game, and you should play it how you feel comfortable. Use the tips we’ve given you in this article, and you’ll have a better overall experience next time you play.