csgo wallhack command

Most Useful CSGO Wallhack Command

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is undoubtedly one of the best FPS games in the world. Due to its multiplayer competitive nature, it has connected millions of players to it. Thousands of ranked matches are played around the world every day and players compete fiercely. Most players prefer to spend time alone to train. That’s exactly why we wanted to prepare a CSGO Wallhack command guide for practicing players.

Practicing players can better grasp the angles on the maps and improve their gameplay. Moreover, you can memorize the points to peek by adding bots to the maps. Obtaining visual superiority using Wallhack allows you to build muscle memory. It’s also legal to use Wallhacks in solo games because these commands are within Valve.

If you are ready now, let’s start and take a look at the details of our guide.

What is CSGO Wallhack Command?

Wallhack commands are one of the most commonly used cheats in CSGO. Because players who practice want to improve their skills so they often use them. In short, Wallhack commands are tricks that allow you to see an enemy through obstacles or walls.

If you use Wallhack in the games you play with bots, you will not face any risk. If you cheat on public servers, your risk of getting banned is very high. We definitely do not recommend this.

How Do I Enable CSGO Wallhack Command?

Wallhack is legal, as we said at the top of our article. However, you can only use it on private servers. If the person or people who set up the private server allow you to use Wallhack, you shouldn’t have a problem. Now let’s see how you can run Wallhack if you are ready.

  • First, you need to activate the CSGO Developer Console. At this point, you may want to read our article called How to open a console in CSGO.
  • If you have activated the Console in the CSGO settings, you are ready. Now press “ ~ ” and open the console screen.
  • Then create a private server to practice. Or log into a game directly with bots.
  • After that, you have to enable cheats to run Wallhack commands. So come to the console and type “sv_cheats 1” and press enter.
  • Now that you have the cheats enabled, you can run the Wallhack Commands. All you have to do is type “r_drawothermodels 2” and press enter.
  • If you want to close Wallhack, you must type “r_drawothermodels 1”.

That’s all, now your Wallhack is open and you can use it safely.

Other CSGO Wallhack Commands

There are a few more Wallhack commands you can use in CSGO. We want to share these with you too.

CSGO Wallhack Commands – Skeleton

If you’re looking for a more detailed CSGO Wallhack commands, Skeleton Wallhack should suffice. All you have to do for this is to type “enable_skeleton_draw 1” while sv_cheats is active.

In this way, you can easily see the skeletons of the enemies from behind the walls. It provides a better and clearer vision.

Finally, the Skeleton command is, in our opinion, the best Wallhack command in the game. It does not strain your game and does not allow any distracting elements in your environment. You only view the skeletons of the players from behind the walls. Have fun!

csgo wallhack command

MAT_WireFrame 1-4 Commands

Among the alternative Wallhack commands, mat_wireframe is very useful. It encloses all items in the game and on the map in a cage. It may have confusion due to its complex appearance. In addition, you may experience FPS drops in the game because it takes everything into one frame. At the time of testing, I had stuttering and freezing issues even though I was using a High-Performance PC.

WireFrame has 4 types of commands you can use. You can choose what you want and use the commands below.

  • mat_wireframe 1
  • mat_wireframe 2
  • mat_wireframe 3
  • mat_wireframe 4

If you want to turn off Wallhack, simply write “mat_wireframe 0”.

csgo wallhack command

Will I Get Banned If I Use Wallhack Commands In CSGO?

If you use the sv_cheats command in any way, you will not be banned. Because Valve only controls the servers where the VAC system is located. If the server you’re playing on allows sv_cheats commands, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Using Wallhack with Third-Party Programs

This is exactly where you will get banned. Using Wallhacks made by hackers is definitely a ban. With such programs, you can get hooked on the cheat protection system from the moment you log in to CSGO. Or, if you log in with Wallhack on offical servers, you can get banned as a result of your opponent reporting you.

In any case, Wallhacking using an extra program is definitely a ban. We do not recommend using it. It is always more satisfying to rise with your own effort and skill.


In today’s article, we tried to share CSGO Wallhack commands with you. We have listed some very useful commands for people who want to practice. In particular, these commands will be useful for players who train 1 to 1. Because there are opportunities to improve their skills by mutually testing the positions that have become meta in the game.

If you want to train with your friend or with bots, try the wallhack commands first. Then take a look at our previous article titled 1v1 in CSGO. You can get a better experience using maps and server commands.

Thank you for reading our article. Please feel free to comment on our mistakes. See you in other content.