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Best CSGO Surf Servers & Maps | How To Play Surf

CSGO has had a variety of game modes since its debut. Different modes that come with competitive, deathmatch, jail, and sometimes events. However, there are some game modes that most old players are accustomed to from CS 1.6. Most old gamers must have understood what I’m talking about. CSGO Surf is a game mode where we go over obstacles and ramps on community-made maps on Community servers.

Surf servers are unofficial CSGO servers opened by players. By logging into these servers, you can have fun and improve your reflexes and bunny skills at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at how we can surf and what are the best servers to surf.

Best CSGO Surf Maps and Servers

  • Surf_4sand
  • csgo surf servers

    It is one of the most useful surf maps for beginners. It is one of the most subscribed maps in the Steam Workshop. Do not forget to enter the surf server commands after opening the map; otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the map because it has default settings.

  • Surf_Master
  • csgo surf servers

    surf_master,” which is my favorite among the CSGO Surf maps and servers, is in second place on our best maps list with the number of subs for 700,000 people. If you are a beginner player, you should definitely try this map.

    You can enjoy a pleasant game experience with an easy and understandable map structure. Even though everything will be easier after you get used to it, some ramps and slopes will challenge you.

  • Surf_Utopia_v3
  • csgo surf servers

    It is a very enjoyable map to play with its plain appearance and easily understandable ramps. Being one of the most subscribed maps in the Steam Workshop means that it is a map preferred by other players. Players who want to switch from beginner to intermediate surfing should definitely play this map.

  • Surf_Ski_2_GO
  • csgo surf servers

    Surf Ski maps were very popular when we played CSGO 1.6. Sometimes I try to play by entering one of the surf ski maps to remember the old days. Hundreds of thousands of players are playing this map with a high level of difficulty in order to surf at a high level. With its atmosphere and compelling structure, your excitement level will always be at the highest level.

  • Surf_Egypt2
  • csgo surf servers

    Tired of plain-looking easy maps? Surf Egypt is then a map for you.

    Surf_Egypt2 is a masterfully designed map with exotic structures and traces of ancient Egypt. If you are not going to break your monitor or keyboard, we can hesitantly recommend this map to you at a high level of difficulty with magnificent details. You better control your nerves and patiently try to complete the map 🙂

    What is CSGO Surf?

    As we mentioned in the beginning, your goal in surf servers is to rank up after reaching the end of the map by overcoming some simple and difficult obstacles, just like surfing in real life. If you want to have good success in the surf modes, you should know the map you play well and learn the tricks of moving very fast.

    It should not be forgotten that there are hundreds of surf maps. However, CSGO players prefer to play only on CSGO surf servers and maps that are popular and played by everyone. At the same time, the maps vary according to their difficulty level, and some pro surfing players like to push their limits on the most difficult maps.

    When you enter any surf map, you will immediately see the triangle-shaped ramps. You should proceed quickly and carefully by gliding quickly on the sides or in the middle of these ramps, that is, by surfing. Since the sides of the triangle ramps fall into the void, you must be as fast as possible and know how to get the right positions at the jumping points.

    How to Find Surf Servers?

    Well, you decided to play in surf mode. Now all you need is to find a server based on a difficulty level of your choice.

    • Click Play CSGO on the Home page. And click on the Official Matchmaking section and open the options.
    • Click on “Community Server Browser” in the opened section.
    • The server list you are used to from CS 1.6 will appear.
    • Here, you can log in to one of the dozens of servers by typing “Surf” in the search section.
    • Note: Surf maps consist of tier 1 to tier 6 difficulty levels. Tier 1 is the beginning stage, you will play for the first time, it will be better for you to play such maps.

    How to Make CSGO Surf?

    If you have logged into a surf server before, you probably left the server within 5 minutes without understanding anything. But you should know that the surf mode is more enjoyable than most game modes.

    Now we will give you some basic information step by step, but you must remember that it takes a long time to play and skill to become fully mastered.

    • As you can see in the picture, the logic is very simple. If you are on the left of a ramp, you should press the “D” key, if you are on the right, you should press the “A” key. In short, you have to move against the ramps and you have to fully balance.
    csgo surf servers
    • Speed is very important in surf maps. If you lose speed, you will fall down the ramp. In order to gain speed, you should make a good jump by making a bunny at the point where you first jumped.
    • After gaining speed, in order to jump the obstacles, that is, from one ramp to the next, when you reach the end of the ramp, you must adjust your direction upwards and descend to the bottom of the other ramp by gliding and flying in the gap.
    • If you have just started surfing, the most common mistake you will make is to try to use the “W” and “S” keys. Never press these keys except in the main area where you start surfing. All you have to do is use A, D and mouse.

    Surfing With a Knife

    Another important thing is the knife method that CSGO players often use and know. As you know, the knife is something that increases your speed both in the normal game and in the modes. In other words, when you go with a knife, you can both approach your opponents quickly and go to a point quickly.

    The knife is very important for CSGO surf mods and servers because this mod is about speed and balance. Since you will spend the whole game with knives, if you want to look at the cool and beautiful knife skins and trade them safely, it is useful to take a look at well-known sites like, just like Lootbear.

    They offer a variety of skins besides knives, like the best USP-skins. If you have a knife skin you always desired and are addicted to the surf servers, you should combine this chance.

    How to Play Surf on CSGO?

    1. First of all, you have to enter the CSGO Steam Workshop.

    2. Go to the search section here, type “surf” and start downloading by finding the most downloaded maps according to their difficulty levels.

    csgo surf servers

    3. Now start CSGO, click “Play CSGO” and continue by selecting “Workshop maps” in the opened section. Start the game by clicking on the name of the map you have subscribed to here.

    csgo surf servers

    Why Am I Not Accelerating And Falling While Surfing In CSGO?

    The position where you start the map is very important. You have to maintain the speed you have acquired by jumping on the ramp from the beginning until the end of the game. Of course, there are some tricks to do this.

    • Our first trick is to jump on the ramp as much as possible from the top and parallel to the ramp. In this way, you can reach the maximum speed you can get.
    • After jumping onto the ramp, you might want to give some thought to high school physics. In order to accelerate, you have to succumb to gravity and achieve a certain acceleration speed. Although I wrote it simply, it is a difficult method, so I will explain it with a simple picture.
    csgo surf servers
    • As you can see in number 1, you must jump to the top of the ramp because this will provide your main speed. Then you should glide smoothly until the 2nd position and maintain your speed. In the last stage, you should slow down your speed slightly from number 3, which is the exit of the ramp, and jump to the other ramp.
    • Also, you should not forget that your speed will slow down as you approach the 3rd part of the ramp, but after exiting the ramp, you will stay in the air for a while and reach the same speed again while falling on the other ramp.

    Ramp Strafe

    Ramp Strafe is one of the tactics you need to learn when you start playing on intermediate surf maps. If you apply the surfing tactics you learned at a simple level when you come to a 3-stage ramp, you will crash to the ground. You can understand everything more clearly in the picture below.

    csgo surf servers

    So how is ramp strafe made? When more than one ramp is combined, we should jump from the first ramp to the middle part of the other ramp as if jumping to a separate ramp in the sloped areas and accelerate down from that middle part again to the middle part of the other ramp and maintain our initial speed.

    If you hit the part that separates the ramps, your speed will slow down, and you will not be successful. Maybe when you read this, you may be confused, don’t worry, we show it in more detail in the image below. ?

    csgo surf servers


    Sensitivity and DPI Settings for Surf

    Your mouse sensitivity should be as low as you can play to avoid sudden movements while surfing. It is also very important that the area where you use the mouse is wide, as you will sometimes need to turn over or make sudden movements up and down on the ramps.

    As for the DPI part, handshaking or slipping is the worst thing that can happen to you while playing CSGO surf. That’s why your DPI setting should be the lowest that suits you.

    1.8 Sensitivity

    650 DPI

    CSGO Surf Server Commands

    You started the map and logged into the server. Now all you have to do is enter some small codes to make the game more stable.

    bot_kick: It allows you to throw bots on the server.

    sv_cheats 1: It is used to activate other commands.

    np_roundtime 60: Sets the duration of the map you play as 1 hour.

    mp_freezetime 0: Resets the time after spawning.

    mp_restartgame 1: It resets the server.

    sv_airaccelerate 400: It is perhaps the most important command of surf maps. With this command, your air acceleration setting will change.

    CSGO Surf Map Types

    Surf maps are divided into several types in terms of difficulty and gameplay.


    Maps with stages are maps that must have at least 2 checkpoints. Because these type of maps is very difficult, they are divided by checkpoints. Every time you die, you are respawned at the checkpoint you have reached. If you want to return to the beginning of the map, you must write “!r” in the chat.


    Linear maps are maps that do not have any checkpoints, regardless of their length. Every time you fall, you teleport to the top of the map. The most difficult level is the type of surf map. Usually, when playing on these maps you will have to finish an entire map in one jump. Besides being fun, it can also get you to quit rage.

    There are some tier levels for these maps. Although maps with Tier 3 medium difficulty level are generally preferred, some pro bunny players also prefer tier 6 maps.


    In this article, we introduced you how to surf in CSGO, how to install and play surf mods, and the best CSGO surf servers. Once you have a good grasp of this information, it is impossible to play this mode without having fun and success. Come on, immerse yourself in the fun of surfing.

    If you have any questions or want to ask questions, you can always contact us.