Best Rifle Skins in CS:GO

Rifle skins in CS:GO are highly utilized and constitute the basis of any professional match. Every round, the players of the two teams, combined, usually buy at least 8 rifles. The most common options are the M4A4, the M4A1-S, and the AK-47.

There are many CS:GO skins devoted to these three guns. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has dozens of weapon cases but some of the best skins in each of them are reserved for these. 

In this guide, you will learn about five of the best rifle skins you can own.

AK-47| Wild Lotus

The Wild Lotus is one of the most prestigious AK-47 skins that you can own at the moment. Perhaps in the future, some other skins will become even more valuable. But for now, this is one of the best. It belongs to the St. Marc Collection, which includes many spectacular skins but is very hard to obtain.

Because the collection itself is rare, the skin is extremely valuable. It’s also Covert and popular, which makes it even more valuable. You’ll need to pay around $2000 for the low-end versions and up to $10.000 for the high-end ones. If you want skin with a low float, it will be very expensive.

But you should definitely aim to buy one with a low float if you want this exquisite skin. The average price is somewhere around $5000 and most buyers are serious collectors and pro players who can afford it. In 5-10 years, a skin like this will probably cost a lot more than today, which makes it a good investment for collectors.

CS:GO is still in its infancy, just like esports, and there’s a lot more room for it to grow. When the game reaches 30 million players, a Wild Lotus will probably cost twice as much as it does today.

The AK-47 Wild Lotus has a beautiful floral design that’s extremely memorable and pleasing to the eye. Some skins are expensive just because they’re rare. This one though, is expensive for all the right reasons. 

AK-47| Gold Arabesque

Rifle Skins in CS:GO
Rifle Skins in CS:GO

The Gold Arabesque is one of the most recognizable rifle skins in CS:GO. It makes the weapon feel like it’s made of gold or covered with a golden layer and the effect is quite amazing. Few people can resist it but that creates a problem for buyers.

The price of this skin can reach $2000 for a Factory New model. Because of the visual design, this skin is very easy to ruin by a high float, so you should ideally buy yourself at least a Field-Tested model. 

There’s a considerable difference between the Battle Scarred version and the Factory New one, which is why most people who buy this skin try to buy one of the high-end models.

M4A1-S| Knight

If you’re an M4A1-S player, this is probably the best rifle skins in CS:GO that you can buy for the gun. You can also try to find it in souvenir packages but the availability of such packages is low. Therefore, they cost a lot of money and there’s no guarantee that you will find this particular cosmetic item when opening one.

The price of this skin is high. A good model costs around $2000. But you will feel the difference between this and almost any other M4A1-S skin. For anyone who’s playing CS:GO for dozens of hours per week, this skin is highly desirable. It puts you in a good mental state and gives you a lot of prestige. Few players own such expensive items.

M4A4| Howl

Howl is the definition of skin quality and rarity. It is completely unavailable in weapon cases and souvenir packages, so you can only obtain it by buying it from another player or a skin market like Lootbear.

The cost of this skin reflects its rarity. The cheapest models cost $3000, while the value of the high-end ones is hard to estimate. This is one of the best skins in the game and one of the most iconic. Having it is a mark of prestige and dedication to CS:GO.

For a collector, this skin purchase makes sense in the long run. But it’s really fun to use it inside the game and have people asking you questions about how you got it.

AK-47| Fire Serpent

The Fire Serpent costs around $400 – $1800 and can be found in the Operation Bravo case, which is available on the Steam Market. However, the price of the case is really high and reflects the value of the skins that can be found in it. If you really want this skin, it’s probably a better idea to just buy it or rent it.

The StatTrak version can be extremely expensive and surpass the $5000 mark.

How to Obtain High-Quality Rifle Skins in CS:GO

Unless you enjoy spending money on hundreds of weapon cases without guarantees, the best weapon skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive needs to be purchased or rented. 

These skins are simply too rare to try to obtain via conventional methods and buying them, despite their high price, is actually the cheapest way to obtain them.

Good rifle skins are almost as rare as knife skins but the problem is this: when you want to find a knife skin, you’ll just open cheap cases until you get one. For high-quality rifle skins, you will need to open expensive souvenir packages that can cost dozens of dollars per unit.