Best ak-47 skins csgo

Best 10 AK-47 Skins in CSGO

The AK-47 is a well-known weapon that everyone, from the amateur to the pro, enjoys using and playing. And it is possible to make this fun-to-play weapon even more eye-catching with in-game skins. You can enjoy these best AK-47 weapon skins in CSGO, reflecting interesting and different atmospheres.

CSGO has skins of all themes and all prices, and people can choose skins that suit their taste and further customize their gameplay. You can find the best AK-47 skins for the best price, from $10 and up to under $1. A very deadly weapon can have a pretty sweet skin, while a very light weapon can have a terrifying look. Here we introduce you to the best AK-47 skins in CSGO so don’t waste your time searching.

1. Neon Revolution

Released: 19 August 2016

Quality: Covert

Price: $12.00

Case: Gamma 2 Case

Collection: The Gamma 2 Collection

The body of the rifle is embellished with hydrographic stickers coated with a mix of neon pink and green paint. A graffiti-style green “Anarchy” completes the Suicide Squad-like theme. On the receiver and stock part of the weapon, there are images resembling skulls. This colorful and moving weapon is reminiscent of rebellion and madness.

2. Rat Rod

Released: 19 November 2019

Quality: Restricted

Price: $3.20

Case: Shattered Web Case

Collection: The Shattered Web Collection

The theme of this weapon is generally apocalyptic and wasteland. Inscriptions like “Go back to hell” on it show us that this weapon is a junkyard piece. The body of this weapon is stained with rust and includes the colors brown, blue, beige, and features an open animal mouth symbol with sharp teeth. Magazine and stock part are wrapped in duct tape. The aged appearance of this weapon proves that it is very durable.

3. The Legion of Anubis

Released: 7 August 2020

Quality: Covert

Price: $15-20

Case: Fracture Case

Collection: The Fracture Collection

This mythical skin representing ancient Egypt is among the best CSGO AK-47 skins. On the body of the rifle, it contains images of Ra and Anubis, two of the famous Egyptian gods, and various hieroglyphs. The handle features a pharaoh figure and the buttstock is completed with a mummy head. Generally, the theme is death and life and includes shades of yellow and blue.

4. Redline

Released: 20 February 2014

Quality: Classified

Price: $19

Case: The Phoenix Collection

Collection: Operation Phoenix Weapon Case

The metal body of the rifle is a dark gray color similar to carbon fiber. It is matte black with stock and handguard parts. The highlight of the design is the thin red lines. If you like elite and elegant weapons, this simple weapon may be for you. It doesn’t look too tiring, but it still looks great.

5. Point Disarray

Released: 8 December 2015

Quality: Classified

Price: $9.11

Case: Revolver Case

Collection: The Revolver Case Collection

This stunning and cool skin is among the best and most popular under $10 AK-47 CSGO skins. The thing that stands out the most in this skin is the different 3D geometric shapes. These geometric shapes in red, blue and white on its body immediately attract the attention of those who see it because it is very noticeable and striking.

6. The Empress

Released: 14 September 2017

Quality: Covert

Price: $17.00

Case: Spectrum 2 Case

Collection: The Spectrum 2 Collection

The Empress in deep red, starry blue and gold is taken from a Tarot card symbolizing wealth, opportunity and luck. The noble woman with the golden hair and crown in the middle makes the weapon look richer and more striking. The night landscape in the background represents the power of the moon. This weapon radiates power and energy.

7. Phantom Disruptor

Released: 14 September 2017

Quality: Classified

Price: $5.52

Case: Prisma 2 Case

Collection: The Prisma 2 Collection

The body of this eye-catching rifle is finished in matte paint and decorated with a surreal pattern that resembles a fearsome, mystical beast. Color-wise, it includes pale shades of yellow, blue, pink and orange. Looking quite interesting and cool, this weapon is considered one of the best AK-47 skins under $10 in CSGO.

8. Frontside Misty

Released: 17 September 2015

Quality: Classified

Price: $11.04

Case: Shadow Case

Collection: The Shadow Collection

On the body of the rifle, there are wavy lines painted in black with a white-blue pattern and represent snow and water. The main line of the gun features a light arctic blue coloration that makes the AK-47 more prominent. There are sweet snowflakes on the magazine and handle. Separate parts of the rifle are designed with carbon inserts.

9. Uncharted

Released: 13 March 2019

Quality: Mil-Spec

Price: $0.72

Case: The Prisma Collection

Collection: Prisma Case

This skin has a theme with ethnic styles, reminiscent of Mayan roots. Although it is quite cheap, we can say that it is very interesting and cool. The brown patterns on the middle of the rifle are highly cultural. The handguard and stock are made of wood and have carvings. This skin is among the best AK-47 CSGO skins under $1.

10. Aquamarine Revenge

Released: 26 May 2015

Quality: Covert

Price: $11.15

Case: Falchion Case

Collection: The Falchion Collection

This skin is the kind that sea and ocean lovers will love. The body of the rifle is very colorful and features dolphins patterned with a mix of red and orange colors surrounded by teal waves. This fun and bouncy skin should definitely be in your inventory.


In this article, we have introduced you to the best AK47 skins in CSGO under $10, 20, and $1. If you like skins, you can also take a look at the best and the cool CSGO skins, which are very striking.

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