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Operation Riptide – CS:GO Update 09/22/2021 (Patch Notes)

Not many of you were expecting Valve to release a new operation this year, did you?

Last year Valve introduced us to the exclusive “Broken Fang Operation”. We can all agree that they made a real “BooM” with it. Not only with the Operation itself but with the “Broken Fang Case” that came along with the Operation. Guess what… Valve did it again, they obviously liked the community’s feedback and worked hard to make all players happy. So here we have the new “Operation Riptide” along with the “Operation Riptide Case.” Without much talking, let’s jump straight into all of the important details you should know!

Operation Riptide

 The new “Operation Riptide Update” is one of the most extensive updates by far, and it brought us a lot of changes in the gameplay, some changes in all game modes, maps, but let’s talk about it later. We would highly recommend and encourage you to activate the Operation Riptide Pass and complete your missions, and the chances of winning a really beautiful skin are high. 

New Cases And Skins

operation riptide case

Valve introduced 74 unique skins, and more interesting is that each map has its own signature skin associated with it. Train, Dust2, Mirage, and Vertigo are the maps they chose, and if you ask why they chose those maps, well, we have no answer to that question but what we know is that they are all stunning. 

Operation Riptide Case

The Operation Riptide Case stands out with the most beautiful Deagle skin by far called Ocean Drive, but make sure to check the other skins from this case because we couldn’t decide which one we should choose. 

Dust 2 Collection

Dust 2 Collection, we will give the credits to the AK-47 Gold Arabesque that glows like real gold, and for those that love to take the UMP-45 and rush alone, there is one skin for you too, don’t worry. We are talking about the UMP-45 Fade.

AK-47 Gold Arabesque

Mirage Collection

Some consider the Mirage Collection as a disappointment, but we won’t agree with the most since the AWP Desert Hydra took our attention, and it can fit really well if someone has orange loadout in their inventory. 

AWP Desert Hydra

Vertigo Collection

The Vertigo Collection has one weapon in it that really stands out, and that is M4A1-S Imminent Danger, and we highly recommend this skin because something has changed in this patch with this weapon, but something really great that this weapon needed for a longer period of time, we will mention more details down below.

M4A1-S Imminent Danger

Train Collection

“Simple, but clean” is all we can say about this skin that you can find in the Train Collection. We know that some of you might consider this skin as too boring or a skin that took five minutes to be designed, but for those that have been playing the game for years now, we believe that they will like this skin. We are talking about the USP-S Whiteout, it is the brightest USP skin by far, and the white spray on it will stand out if you use it in-game.

USP-S Whiteout

Dust 2 Map Changes

It has been quite some time since Valve made big changes as they did in the newest patch, but let’s be honest with ourselves, we needed something like this, we needed some changes that will make us think more and not just stay in T-Spawn and waiting with the AWP in hands for someone to cross between the mid doors.

Well, we mentioned this example because Valve decided to make some changes on the map “Dust 2” and decrease the visibility from T-Spawn through Mid, so AWP players don’t get disappointed there are other maps where you can stay AFK and wait for easy kills.

New Weapon And Upgrades

Riot Shield

Something that we were expecting is the new “Riot Shield,” but don’t worry, you don’t have to care about it in competitive, they have added this “Heavy Weapon” in the Buy Menu for CTs but only for casual hostage maps, do not be surprised if you soon see five players rushing mid with the Riot Shield in their hands.

For lovers of hostage maps, we would like to let you know that the only way to kill the opponent is by shooting in their legs; since the target can not take any damage to the head or body, keep this in mind and use your bullets carefully!

M4A1-S Upgraded

The M4A1-S got a huge upgrade, and now it does more body damage than before, so that’s why above we told you why you should buy or rent the M4A1-S Imminent Danger, but make sure to check the Operation Riptide Skins because inside you can also find the Gamma Doppler Knives. For those who want to swap from M4A4 to M4A1-S, here is your chance to make the difference with this weapon with good recoil and accuracy. 

Short Matches

As we mentioned above, this is a huge patch for CSGO, and not only have rules changed but new game modes have also been added to the game. Valve decided to invent something new in the game by adding a mode where you can now play “Short Match, which means that the game will finish when one of the teams wins 9 rounds. 

Long Matches

“Long Match” is the classic match where teams play to win 16 rounds in total, and there are 30 rounds in that match, but obviously, for some players, it became a problem to play more than one hour in the same lobby with the same players.

Any Lenght

An option that you can choose if you don’t really care how long will your game be, and that means that you can be placed in both “Short” and “Long” matches entirely randomly.

New Game Mode

Warm-up is one of the most important things players consider doing before playing competitive games, and we all know that deathmatch has always been one of the greatest methods for that, so that’s why now there are several options for you. 


You can either choose the “Classic” mode that you already know, and you can only shoot and kill people from the opposite team and collect individual points for yourself. 

Team vs Team

Something new now is that you can play a mode where you as a team collect points and play against the enemy team and your team’s score is important rather than your individual score since you collect points for your team and this mode is called “Team vs Team.” 

Free for all

Something that for some didn’t make sense is that Valve decided to add a mode where everyone is an individual, and you are playing against everyone no matter if you are a Terrorist or a Counter-Terrorist. This means everyone can kill you and you can kill every person you see in front of your eyes. The mode is called “Free For All.” Consider playing “Free For All” before your competitive games because there, we guarantee you that you will shoot more than you run, which will help you improve your accuracy in shooting!

This mode has been available in public servers since forever but now it’s more accessible.