Best SMG Skins in CS:GO

SMG skins in CS:GO are some of the best guns for anti-eco rounds. Many aces have been achieved with weapons from this class and professional players use them with great effectiveness against pistols, SMGs, and even lower-quality rifles.

Given how useful SMGs are in certain scenarios, it’s not a big surprise that artists have designed a lot of beautiful CS:GO skins for them. One of the advantages of creating an SMG skin is that the weapons in this class allow you to go wild and explore your creativity. The surface of the gun is sufficiently large to allow you to go wild.

Many SMG skins are valuable and will continue to be worth a lot of money in the future. As the CS:GO community grows, the demand for such skins only increases. Here are some of the best SMG skins you can buy as a player or investor.

P90| Emerald Dragon

This skin belongs to the Operation Bravo case and its rarity class is Classified. This means it’s fairly rare and can be found with a probability of around 3% when opening Operation Bravo cases.

However, such CS:GO cases are quite expensive. You might need to pay $40 dollars for one, plus the cost of the key. So unless you’re feeling particularly lucky, it’s probably better to buy the skin for $80-$200, depending on its condition.

This skin looks great for float values belonging to the Minimal Wear and Factory New classes. Its name corresponds to the dragon illustrated on it. If you’ve been playing CS:GO for a few years, you probably recognize the design. Keep in mind that this is not a typical European dragon. Rather, it’s a Chinese dragon.

UMP-45| Fade

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The Fade family features several great skins and the one for the UMP-45 is among the best. This skin costs around $200 and offers very little price variation. Using this skin will probably get you a lot of attention because of its visual design.

One thing to pay attention to is the pattern. Fade skins can have many different patterns; some are more expensive than others.

This CS:GO skin can be obtained by opening souvenir packages like Antwerp 2022 Dust II and Rio 2022 Dust II. If you’re interested, there’s also a third one: Stockholm 2021 Dust II. The price of these packages is high compared to the usual weapon cases, so if you’re interested in the UMP-45 Fade, the best option is to buy it.

MAC-10| Hot Snakes

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This is a terrifying skin that shouldn’t be bought unless you’re comfortable holding a weapon covered in a snake’s skin. The visual design is very powerful and the rarity class of the item is Classified.

This beauty costs between $65 and $135 and you should buy a model with a low float value because the difference is clearly visible.

Hot Snakes can be found in The Havoc Collection. If you cannot find the collection or want to simplify the process of acquisition, just buy or rent the skin directly from Lootbear or the Steam Market.

UMP-45| Minotaur’s Labyrinth

This is a Mil-Spec skin but its value is still high because it belongs to the Gods and Monsters Collection, which is one of the most prestigious collections in CS:GO. The price of this skin is somewhere around $80 and the difference between a Battle Scarred or a Well Worn version and a Minimal Wear one is almost insignificant.

The skin’s design revolves around the idea of the labyrinth and the mythological minotaur. Unfortunately, no minotaur is featured on the skin, but the labyrinth is in all its splendor.

This is a very good weapon skin to own because the collection that contains it is hard to obtain.

MP9| Pandora’s Box

SMG Skins in CS:GO
SMG Skins in CS:GO

This is another great SMG skin from the Gods and Monsters Collection. Its rarity class is Mil-Spec, but that doesn’t matter in cases like this. The visual design of the skin is full of eyes, suggesting the idea of mystery.

Pandora’s Box costs around $85 but you may have to pay a bit more for the high-end models.

P90| Astral Jormungandr

This Restricted SMG belongs to the Norse Collection and is highly valuable. The best models are sold for almost $300 and the price will go much higher in the coming years. This collection will be almost extinct by then but the new players will continue to try to obtain this item. 

Unlike other rare skins that are highly valuable, this one actually looks amazing. The combination of teal, and green give it a nice glow. There are also Norse symbols all over it, which gives you a Skyrim vibe.

When purchasing this skin, try to buy at least a Field Tested model for optimal visuals.

MP9| Wild Lily

This skin is only for the most sophisticated collectors. Its cost can reach $1300 but the design is one of the best you’ll ever see in CS:GO. On top of that, the rarity class of the skin is Classified, and the collection it belongs to (St. Marc) is hard to obtain.

All of these factors, combined with the high demand for this skin, contribute to the high price tag. But one thing is certain: this skin will remain popular for many years to come, and its value will likely be much higher in 3-5 years.

P90| Cold Blooded

If you’re a fan of crimson designs, this skin will be to your liking. Most of it is red and the CS:GO case it belongs to (CS:GO Weapon Case 2) is hard to obtain. Within this case, the skin has a rare class of Classified, which makes it even more valuable. It’s not as valuable as a Covert skin, but it’s still a pricy item. You can get it for around $50.

How to Find Great SMG Skins in CS:GO

In most cases, because of the rarity of the high-quality SMG skins, the best way to obtain them is to make a direct purchase or rent them. Some weapon skins in CS:GO can easily be obtained by opening cases. But the best weapon skins, such as high-end knife skins or expensive pistol skins, are really hard to find in this manner.