best csgo aim training maps

Best CSGO Aim Training Maps – Aim Training Tips and Tactics

Until now, everyone’s path has always crossed with CSGO at some point. Especially with the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people playing online games such as CSGO has increased. Most people new to CSGO get into competitive play without any adjustments or practice. This is a big mistake. Players should test and practice their movements, aim, recoil control, and reaction time. Then they can enter competitive matches and see their actual performance. That’s why many players who want to be pro in CSGO improve themselves by aim training maps.

If you are a beginner to CSGO, you do not need to worry if your aim is not strong and your skills in the game are not developed. With what we will tell you now, you will learn step by step how you can become a better player in CSGO from scratch.

Because no matter how much you play deathmatches and casual matches, you cannot fully improve yourself. All you need is patiently training on modes and maps where you can practice various aspects.

5 Best CSGO Aim Training Maps

In CSGO, there are maps developed by the players for the players to improve themselves. All of these maps can be found conveniently in CSGO’s Steam Workshop. We share with you the 5 most used and educational maps by gamers and pro players for many years.

Steam workshop - Aim Botz Map

Aim Botz – Training

Our first map is one of the most used aim training maps by CSGO players. Along with the customizable settings of the map, you can train in various difficulties. In particular, you can move the bots and make your training more challenging by giving the bots a kevlar+helmet.

You can also improve your ability to detect opponents with the voice practice test.


Steam community workshop Training_Aim_CSGO2

Our second map has rounds where you can aim instead of bots. After choosing the distance and weapon you want, you can make the adjustments that the map offers you.

It has a feature that you can improve yourself in 5 types, such as Fast Aiming, Angles and Sliding, Reflex, Burst and Intensive Fast Aiming. We strongly recommend you to use this map, especially for reflex practice.

Fast Aim / Reflex Training

Fast Aim / Reflex Training steam workshop map

To be able to play this map, shoot the button under your feet after joining the CT team. You can select your weapons by pressing B. It is a great map that I personally train on.

By standing in the middle of the map, you try to kill the bots that come to you with knives on expert difficulty. This map is completely aim and reflex-oriented.

Training Center 1.5c

CSGO Training Center 1.5c map

You will try to hit the bots while running a long-distance by displaying various movements. There is also a training room where you can improve your grenade throwing.

It can be considered as the best map you should use to improve your long-distance vision.

CSGOHUB Skills Training Map

CSGOHub training map

It is a map that makes a difference with the Aim Challenges mode. By choosing 3 difficulty settings; Open, Advanced, and Pro you try to quickly kill the bots that spawn in front of you. You complete the challenge according to how many of the 45 bots you have killed in total.

Finally, with the Prefire mode, you can experience real scenarios that you may encounter in competitive matches with bots.

How to Download CSGO Aim Training Maps?

  • Click on the “Play CSGO” section. Switch to the “Workshop Maps” section by clicking “Offical Matchmaking” in the upper left corner.
  • Click the “Visit Workshop” button on the right side of the opened section. The window that opens is the CSGO Steam workshop. You can install the mod you want from this section.
  • Now, if you want, you can load the maps we recommend by typing the names, or you can start aim training in CSGO by uploading a map you like.

Should I Start CSGO Aim Practice?

Definitely yes. Many players currently competing in the professional arena have improved themselves by practicing on CSGO aim training maps. We recommend practicing for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day.

Day by day, your reflexes will be strengthened by your hand-eye coordination, your ability to throw a spray, and your immediate reactions.

The Importance of CSGO Aim Training and Crosshair

Crosshair Placement

Always keep your designated Crosshair on your opponent’s head. Always move zones, backs of boxes and corners on the map within distance of your opponent’s head. At this point, avoid looking where your opponent cannot be as much as possible. (ceiling, floor, buildings, sky etc).

Do not move while aiming.

You have clearly targeted your enemy or you are waiting in the ambush area by aiming. In this case, your sudden movements can ruin everything, you should adjust your mouse sensitivity so that you quickly can adjust your crosshair to any movement and perhaps save yourself from failure.

Do not aim at the neck, ie below the head

It has been observed that some players aim a little lower and shoot to the neck instead of aiming directly at the head. The reason for this is that the first bullet will hit the neck due to the recoil that the gun will experience, and the other bullets will aim right at the head.


Use your spraying shots against your enemies at close and medium range as much as possible. Because when you want to hit the opponent at a distance, it will be very difficult for you to target the enemy because of the recoil. The easiest method for beginners in this regard is to aim at the body and spray.

You can also add spraying to the routines you apply on CSGO Aim Trainer maps.


The method is an aiming tactic that all kinds of players can learn easily. In general, you can use this method to defeat your long-range opponents. Its construction is extremely simple.

Move one step, stop and shoot. When you stop and shoot after each step, you will notice that the misses you make decrease over time. Also, as you master this tactic, you will become a difficult target for your opponents. Because eventually, your movement will get better, which will cause you to change your position frequently and be hard to target.

Things to Consider While Doing CSGO Aim Training

Another step in Aim Training is to identify a Crosshair that is comfortable for you. Choosing a Crosshair, which is an important part of the game mechanics, is not such an ordinary action. So how do we make the right Crosshair placement?

Importance of Warm-Up Matches

In each of your competitive matches, you must first practice your aiming ability with warm-up matches. Plus, warm up for 30 minutes before your first competitive match by training on Aim maps and then entering Deathmatch modes. If you do this before the first or even each ranked match, you can progress.

 Improve Your Muscle Memory

Most pro CSGO players say that the first thing to do is to focus only on the Crosshair, not the blank spots on the screen. It is also important to develop your hand-eye coordination, for this you need a smooth and wide mouse pad.

In this way, you need to train yourself to bring your Crosshair to the opponent’s head quickly and smoothly.

Hardware Selection

Professional players in CSGO agree that the most important element that supports good aim is hardware. If you want to increase your chances and superiority against your opponents, you should use a quality mouse.

Because the response and frequency time of your mouse will allow you to react faster than your opponents. Even 1 second you win can put you ahead in the game.

Comfort also plays a big role, so make sure to choose one that you feel comfortable with.

CSGO Aim Pratice FAQ

How to train Aim CSGO?

You should start by first installing Aim Training maps from the CSGO Steam Workshop. With these maps, set daily routines for yourself and train frequently. In this way, you can become a top player in CSGO.

Is CSGO Aim Training Good Against Expert Bots?

Definitely training with expert bots is extremely good training. You can set challenges for yourself, especially against these master bots. For example, killing 15 expert bots with only 15 bullets.

Does CSGO Aim Training Map work?

If you make CSGO Aim Training maps a daily routine, yes it works. However, you should remember that the exercises you do on these maps will not be as realistic as in the ranked match. That’s why we recommend using Aim Training maps for warming up before every ranked match. In addition, if you only play these maps with the philosophy of better aiming, you will not achieve success. You should see your shortcomings, develop muscle memory and consolidate your skills by concentrating.

How to determine the CSGO Aim Training routine?

If you are a beginner to CSGO, a 30-minute routine will suffice for now. Start by using T and CT’s main weapons first. You can do distance, time trial and mixed kills by allocating 10 minutes a day to M4 and Ak-47. If you want, you can examine and practice the daily routines of professional players themselves.