CS:GO Weapons You Should Try in August

CS:GO weapons has more than 30 options you can master, some of which are seriously underrated. People don’t buy them simply because they don’t see professional players buying them. 

But they don’t understand this: pro players are expected to hit headshots from far away with ease. And they cannot afford to spend extra money on a weapon that would improve their capacity to do that. Thanks to having a scope. You, on the other hand, might be in a different situation.

Here are 5 CS:GO weapons that you should try in August to see if they don’t improve your win rate.

CS:GO Weapons


The AUG is one of the best CS:GO guns you can buy when playing in the Silver and Gold Nova divisions. One of the biggest weaknesses that novice players have is their aim. They simply don’t know how to shoot properly. So they miss a lot more often than high-level players.

Another problem that novices encounter is related to hitting headshots. At first, it seems impossible: how do you actually land a headshot when the target is moving, and you need to deal with recoil? 

The AUG simplifies this problem by allowing you to look at the target through a scope. And what’s amazing about this weapon is that it kills with a single bullet if you hit a headshot. Even if the enemy is armored.

The recoil is great and easy to control, and even if you can’t hit a headshot, you will make the kill from far away with just four bullets. In the lower divisions, enemies won’t even get to shoot back at you. And if they do, they’ll be in panic mode and won’t hit anything from afar.

Another advantage of the AUG is the magazine capacity. This weapon can shoot 30 rounds before you need to reload it, which is enough to kill an entire terrorist team during a heavy defense.

The price of the AUG is $3300. This is $200 – 400 more expensive than the alternatives, but you will feel the difference immediately. It doesn’t help to have a powerful weapon if you don’t know how to aim it from afar. Better to buy something a bit more expensive that will allow you to get the job done.

SG 553

The SG 553 is the Terrorists’ equivalent of the AUG. The weapon costs just $3000 and is an excellent choice for those who haven’t yet mastered the AK-47. The price is $300 higher than that of the AK, but you’ll notice a big difference in your ability to hit targets.

The SG 553 has excellent qualities. Apart from the relatively low price, it kills with a single bullet if you aim for the head and completely ignores armor. Every round, the CT side will invest in armor that costs $1000 per player. With this weapon choice, you’re simply nullifying that advantage.

The SG 553 usually kills with 1-4 bullets, depending on how well you aim. But you’ll often need just 1 or 3. And the fact that you can use a scope when you shoot makes your job much easier.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is one of the best weapons you can buy when outgunned. If you practice hitting headshots and invest $700, you can easily kill enemies, from far away, with just one or two bullets. This is the poor man’s sniper or AK-47, and you must learn to be precise with it.

The Desert Eagle may have the disadvantage of a 7-bullet magazine, but those bullets are more than enough to get the job done if you train with this pistol and master its recoil. Some famous players, such as NiKo, regularly win force-buy rounds with this weapon. 


The Five-SeveN costs just $500 and kills with a single bullet if you land a headshot, even if the target has armor. This pistol has a huge magazine capacity (20) and can shoot fast (400 RPM). Because of these qualities, it is often an excellent choice for the pistol rounds or for the rounds in which you need to either save or force-buy.

One of the great qualities of the Five-SeveN is that it mostly ignores armor. So if you know that the enemy will try to use armor in a pistol round to get an edge, you can buy a better pistol instead of armor and then use your weapon advantage to win.

With the default pistols, it can be quite difficult to shoot enemies from afar, and it’s nearly impossible to hit headshots. But a pistol like the Five-SeveN can make it a lot easier.


The Tec-9 is another powerful weapon that can help you win pistol and force-buy rounds with only a $500 investment. This weapon ignores armor almost entirely and deals heavy damage to the head and the stomach. If you can get close enough to the enemy, you’ll have a big advantage because you can kill with a single bullet.

The Tec-9 is best used in combination with other Tec-9s, so Terrorists usually buy this weapon as a group and then send at least 2 players everywhere they go. This often translates into clean kills with 2 bullets from 1 or 2 weapons. Or, if one of the players gets killed, the second one can get the refrag immediately.

This usually results in a favorable trade that puts an expensive weapon into the hands of a T player, who is then joined by the others in the assault of one of the two bomb locations.

The Tec-9 has a decent magazine capacity (18) and an excellent rate of fire (500 RPM). So it’s almost as good as an expensive rifle, but with one condition: to minimize the distance between yourself and the opponent. From afar, the Tec-9 is highly inaccurate.