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How to Rank Up In CSGO – 10 Quick and Easy Tips

Since Counter Strike’s development in 1999, it has gone through several stages. Those who have played the 1.3 and 1.6 versions of CS can say that CSGO has made great progress. Growing with the eSports industry, CSGO has almost become one of the most popular competitive FPS games in the world. Now millions of players are making a great effort to reach the highest rank in competitive mode.

Whether to brag or show off his professionalism, the goal of reaching the top of the game has become a great goal and emotion for players. Even if you’re a beginner or a player who has just moved up a few ranks, there’s still a lot to do. In this article, we answer questions such as tips, details about ranks, and how to rank up in CSGO.

10 Tips on How to Rank Up Quickly in CSGO

  1. Aim Training: Practice frequently on AIM maps designed by players in the CSGO Community workshop. If you want to be a serious pro player, you should not neglect aim training.
  2. Position and Movement: You need to know where to spy on the opposing player. Constantly track your team’s movements and location on the minimap.
  3. Warm-up: Warm up in a casual match or training map before entering a ranked match.
  4. Map Descriptions: Mastering a single map always works well. You need to know the lurker positions, bomb positions and special points of the map you specialize in (back site, ninja, b doors, double stack, catwalk). See more map callouts here.
  5. Being a leader: If there is no one on the team to manage and mobilize your other friends, you take on this task.
  6. Economy: You may have lost many rounds in a row. Keep calm and try to save money. Try not to spend your money during two rounds as a team. Next round all team spend all your money to win that round, this is called a buy-round.
  7. Move With the Team: Your personal performance only works when you win. If you don’t act as a team, you will lose and your scores will be meaningless.
  8. In-game Settings: Adjust many settings including sensitivity, resolution, frame rate according to your own gaming comfort. High frame rate (HZ), MS and FPS are important here because your responsiveness depends on them.
  9. Equipment: A good mouse is not essential. But a good headset is absolutely essential. It is important to hear the opposing team’s bomb, bullets and even the slightest step.
  10. Make Friends: In CSGO, it’s a little difficult to rise solo. Because you are at the mercy of your teammates. No matter how well you play, you can lose as long as there is someone pulling the team down. So try to make friends.

What Are CSGO Ranks and How Long Does It Take to Rank Up?

CSGO’s rankings consist of 18 stages in total. You can see the rankings below.

  • Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, Silver IV
  • Gold Nova I, Gold Nova II, Gold Nova III, Gold Nova IV
  • Master Guardian I, Master Guardian II, Master Guardian Elite, Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme First Master Class
  • The Global Elite

Silver players are players who have just started the game and have not yet learned the mechanics of the game. Especially these players have problems with such things as tactics and communication.

Master Guardian players usually have good skills with a full grasp of the game’s mechanics. In particular, players at this rank improve themselves by training frequently. Higher rank Supremes and Globals are high-end players with many usually years of experience in CS.

CSGO Competitive Rank Distributions

Every player who starts playing CSGO wants to be a Global Elite level player. However, most players cannot achieve this dream by looking at the percentages of players in the Global Elite rank.

If you get stuck in a rank, don’t give up, remember that there are hundreds of thousands of players in the same situation as you.

50% of CSGO players have ranks between Gold 1 and Master Guardian levels. Players at the Global Elite level represent only 0.75% of the active CSGO players.

 CSGO Profile Rank

The CSGO Profile rank is a profile icon based on how many matches players have played and how many years they have played the game. Profile ranks do not provide additional features or benefits to your account. However, experience levels do have some benefits.

  • In Ranked Matches, profile ranks reveal what kind of player you are. If your Experience level is high, you might be easier accepted as the leader or given more room to do your own thing.
  • Finally, you get a new weapon skin every few levels. Usually common and cheap priced items are coming, but sometimes, depending on luck, skins with various values such as AWP | Silk Tiger may also come.

If you don’t want to rely on luck. Shop Awp | Silk Tiger directly from the Lootbear Marketplace instead.

How Many Competitive Matches in CSGO to Rank Up?

When you start CSGO for the first time, you will not have any rank. Valve expects players to reach “Special Rank 2” before participating in direct competitive matches as they used to. Once you gain the XP required for the second level, you can enter competitive matches.

You may need to play some of the CSGO mods to reach the special Rank 2 level. Deathmatch and Casual are ideal mods to build XP. You can also train in simple fun mode just like playing competitive matches while gaining XP.

Also, to get your rank in CSGO, you have to play 10 competitive matches. After completing these 10 matches, CSGO will place you in a rank based on your personal performance and win rate.

Finally, there is a daily match win limit when playing your Ranked 10 match. You can only win two games per day. This limit will be removed after you get your rank.

When you finish your 10 ranked-match streak, the game will place you anywhere between Silver 1 and Legendary Eagle Master.

Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Try to win more than 2 games a day as much as possible. These types of win streaks affect your MMR score.
  • If you are entering the game with the exception of a group of five that matchmaking offers you, you can play with people who are 5 ranks below your rank and 5 ranks above your rank.
  • From now on, you should pay attention to team play and personal performance in every match. For every match you win or lose, your MMR will be affected, which initially decides when you rank up or down.
  • If you are going to take a long break from playing CSGO, you should be careful. Because if you do not enter a ranked match for 1 month, you will lose your rank. To get it back, you need to win 1 competitive game.
  • Don’t stay in a rank for too long. If you can’t raise your rank, after a certain time it becomes more and more difficult to rise or fall in your skill group. This situation is called rating deviation.

Working Principle of CSGO Rank System

The CSGO Competitive ranking system is a system that has been developed over the years, based on the Glicko-2 ranking model, according to Valve’s statements.

Scientifically, there are multiple rating variables and matching parameters. These statistics appear as “Skill Groups”. However, we can simply say that your performance and your win rates are the main variables that determine your ranking.

 CSGO Player Rating Model – Glicko-2

Glicko-2 is a system that evaluates your performance in competitive matches in CSGO. Basically Glicko follows 2 important variables. The first is your rank, which is based on the personal performance of players, also known as MMR, which is calculated privately.

Rank deviation, on the other hand, causes the system to begin to rely less on your rank as you constantly fall or rise from a certain rank. The algorithmic calculation of these two variables is the backbone of the rating system in CSGO.

If you are wondering how to rank up in Competitive CSGO matches, there are some elements to consider.

Trust Factor and How to Rank Up In Competitive CSGO

The Trust Factor is a mechanic that allows you to be matched with non-toxic players in your skill group you. If you are a player who takes your matches seriously and tries to play professionally, players who think like you should come to your team. However, there are doubts as to whether this system works as Valve describes.

Valve does not share any information on the trust factor in CSGO. Therefore, the players do not have much information about trust factor. If you are a good part of the Steam community, especially CSGO, and have shown the same behavior in the past, your trust factor score is high.

If you are a new CSGO player who has opened a new steam account, this may bother you a bit. However, this is a precaution taken by Valve against hackers and smurfs. Also, if you have a previous VAC-banned account and you’re back in the game with a new steam, Valve will be aware of this and keep your Trust Factor score low.

Prime Accounts

If you have a Prime account, Valve provides you with additional protection when entering games. Theoretically, the prime account system is to prevent players or smurfs who have previously been VAC banned from appearing in the matches.

To activate the Prime Matchmaking feature, you must select the “Prime Matches Only” option at the bottom left of the map selection screen before entering a ranked match.

csgo prime account notification

If you want your Steam account to be eligible for Prime, you must first reach Rank 21 in CSGO, the Lieutenant. You should also verify your phone number for your steam account after reaching level 21.

Players with multiple accounts need to be careful, only do this on your main account. When you meet all the requirements and you start CSGO, you will receive a notification with the Prime Account Matchmaking registration screen, and you can complete the process by clicking on this notification.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rank up in CSGO

What is the fastest way to rank up in CS GO competitive?

First of all, good map knowledge is required, depending on the map knowledge, knowing where to use bombs such as molotov, fog, flash. Two most important factors remain. The first is to constantly aim for training. The second is to use Discord groups to get teammates.

 How Does CSGO Rank Up Calculator Work?

Rank Calculator 4 appears as a result of the item’s statistics.

  • Rounds you won and lost.
  • ELO – MMR
  • Number of matches in which you are MvP. (Your in-game performance, KDA)
  • Both teams’ Elo: For example, you have a team with a higher Elo than your team. Your Elo will increase for each round you beat them. Likewise, if there is a team with a lower Elo than you, your Elo will decrease for each round you lose.

How many wins are required to rank up in CSGO?

Although it seems important to win the early games, the important point in the first 10 games is to show a high performance rather than winning the game. If you can frag like MvP and over 30 kills in 7, 8 games out of 10 games, you can start from ranks like Master Guardian.

As a recommendation, aim training for a certain amount of time before playing your 10 competitive matches. You will see a lot of contribution from this.

What is the average CSGO rank?

On average, there are the most players in Gold Nova I, II, III and Gold Master rank.

How to Get XP Fast in CSGO?

If you want to level up fast in CSGO, you should play in “Deathmatch” or “Casual” mode. You can earn up to 250 XP per match. The reason we recommend the Deathmatch mode is that you get XP for each character you kill.


Newbies to CSGO often have some questions in mind. How long does it take to rank up in csgo? How can i earn xp faster? or How is my Rank calculated? We have tried to answer all of these questions one by one in our article. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are points that you are wondering about or do not understand.