how to surf in CSGO

How to Surf in CSGO 2022

The aim of competitive shooter games, especially CSGO, is to eliminate the opponent. These types of games are popular because of their high level of excitement and variety of gameplay. Since the producers are aware of this, they seek to add innovation and originality to their plays. Especially bunny hopping is included in the game world with CSGO. Surfing with Bhop has become an indispensable part of CSGO. That’s exactly why we decided to prepare a guide called how to surf in CSGO in today’s article.

How to Surf in CSGO

CSGO is more than just a shooter game. It does not only offer its users the opportunity to fight with weapons that are visually interesting. In addition to hitting the opponent, it also prepares the environment for the players to have fun.

Sometimes we can get very bored with the competitive environment of CSGO. And naturally, we want to do something fun to get some rest. At this point, we need to log in to CSGO surf.

What is Surf in CSGO?

The aim of Surf is to add visuality to the character’s sliding from one place to another in the game. Running and walking, which are in other parts of the game, are absent in this. It is aimed to improve the ability of the players to both fight and maneuver on ramps and sloping walls.

You may ask yourself why I should surf in the game. Because we know that CSGO is a game that requires enough struggle and attention. So you may want to relax a bit. Another reason is related to your expectations.

You may want to become a professional surfer. Whatever game you play, you should know its internal structure very well. Every timely move will affect you and your team. For these reasons, you can increase your BHOP skills by surfing.

Surf Tactics for Beginners in CSGO

In this game mode, maneuvering features such as sliding, jumping, and turning between ramps are in the foreground. Surf maps have a slippery structure, unlike other maps. This helps users move faster in the game. Like other modes, surf mode also includes difficulty levels.

There is a level difference between 1-6. Level 1 is the easiest and level 6 is the hardest. You should not forget that you can progress in these levels by improving yourself.

For beginners, you can follow the steps below for how to surf for CSGO.

  • The point where you start the game first is very critical. Because the logic of surf is based on acceleration mechanics. In this, you should determine the point you skipped well. It also gives you an advantage to Bhop at the beginning before jumping on the ramp. Because going out of your default speed at the beginning of the ramp gives you a faster descent.

By the way, do you want to be a master at Bhop? Then why don’t you take a look at our topic? In this way, you can surf better.

  • For this very reason, always take care to jump to the top end of the ramps. Then glide slowly to the middle of the ramp and gain momentum again to glide towards the end of the ramp. All logic is based on this. Now we would like to talk about how you can glide on the ramp below.


  • First of all, if you jumped on the right part of the ramp, try to glide by pressing the A key. If you jumped to the left part of the ramp, try to press the “D” key. In short, wherever you jump, press the opposite button. Also, never use the W and S keys. If possible, withdraw your hand completely.
  • Make sure to stay in the center of the ramp.
  • Be careful to use your mouse in the direction you want to move on the ramp.
  • While moving in the middle of the ramp, try to center the line with the A and D keys. At the same time, do not forget to come to the edges of the ramp. This will allow you to be fast in the game.
  • The player must pay attention to the curves on the ramp. For a balanced surf, the A and D keys should be pressed and they should be supported with mouse control.

How to Professional Surf? Ramp Strafe Method

Ramp Strafe is very important for surfing. Because Tier 3 and higher-level ramps are suitable for professional players to surf. The reason is that it consists of 3-stage ramps. The tactics we suggested at the beginning will not work on these ramps with high difficulty levels. Let’s give you some tips on how to do it professionally.

  • You will need to Ramp Strafe where multiple ramps combine to form a single ramp. In other words, at each end of the ramps, you will have to float again in the air and fall on the second ramp.
  • While doing this, you should act as if you are going from one ramp to the other. When you jump on the first ramp, you should come across the middle of it. You should glide lightly as you jump from the first ramp to the second ramp.
  • When you come to the second ramp, jump right in the middle of the third ramp. And try to make it stable for all launchers. If you do not make a good jump at the end of the ramp, your speed will decrease and you will start the game from the beginning.

It may seem complicated at first to you. The more you train, the better you will get.

Ways to Access Surf Maps in CSGO

Surf maps can be accessed in 2 ways in the game. Offline mode and online mode. To access Surf maps, it is necessary to use the in-game community servers. The surf server appears after this step. In addition, CSGO offers its users the opportunity to make their own surf maps. This allows many surf maps to participate in the workshop every day. Thus, it is possible to reach more surf servers in the server list.

What is CSGO Surf Server?

The constant struggle in CSGO sometimes tires the players. In such cases, we come across surf modes that will relax the players. These fun-oriented modes are located in Surf Server in CSGO. You may want to do activities on your own away from the competition. All you have to do for this is to find a server.

How to find CSGO Surf Server?

The way we will follow at this stage is how we will reach the server. Let’s explain this to you game lovers with a few tips.

  • Launch CSGO from your Steam Library.
  • Then select “Community Servers” from the Mods section.
  • Type “Surf” in the search field at the bottom.

After these processes, the servers will appear in front of us according to the number of players. The higher the number of players, the more popular the server is. And after all that, the surf maps we selected will start to download automatically.

You will also be able to see the difficulty level of the map as it will provide you with information about the mod before downloading it. After that, it’s up to your choice. In short, you can choose starting or competitive servers according to your ability.

How to Surf in CSGO server list

How to Enter CSGO Server with Rope?

You may not be able to find them or you may not want to do them. For this, we will suggest a second way for your convenience. There are some surf servers that are readily available.

You can find them on the CSGO forums under the name of single or country servers. What you need to do is which server you want to play on and the code of that server. Now you will be able to log in to the server you want by following the steps below.

  • Press the (”) key under ”ESC” located in the upper left corner of the keyboard.
  • It will be enough to write the code in the place in the window (Connect Server Ip = connect that opens before us.
  • Finally, we would like to remind you again that you need to find the server IP you want to enter. You can find hundreds of surf servers by doing a short research on the internet.

CSGO Best Surf Maps

We tried to give you the basic information about the Surf server above. Let’s give you information about the most used surf maps for beginners in CSGO.

In this section, we will try to talk about 5 maps that are suitable for beginners in CSGO. These maps are designed to improve the player. Visibility is secondary. The aim here is to learn the action of surfing between ascents, leans, and ramps.

1. Surf Beginner

Surf_Beginner, which we will examine first from the Surf maps in CSGO. It was created for beginner players. It has 7 different stages. Sliding takes place between ramps parallel to or opposite each other in a closed area. It is also found on bumps between ramps.

The purpose of this map is to improve yourself. With the training you will do, you will gain maneuverability by adjusting your mobility and acceleration. The appearance of the map may seem very simple at first. Remember that you are only at the beginning of the road.

How to Surf in CSGO surf beginner

2. Surf_Rookie

Surf_ Rookie is created for beginners just like Surf Beginner. On this map, you will surf on single or parallel ramps in the enclosed area. In addition, the difficulty level has been increased by one level with tunnels and stairs. Therefore, Surf_Rookie is an educational map where you will learn how to switch between ramps and speed control.

3. Surf _Whiteout

If you think you’ve improved a little bit about surfing now, this map is for you. Here you will feel the difficulty level start to increase for the first time. Also on this map, you will find a taste of the 1080 Snowboard game released by Nintendo in 1998.

Surf Whiteout is a type of surf made in open areas. You will have the opportunity to surf on the ramps in parallel and mixed order in the direction of a certain line. In addition, the tunnels on the map will force you a little.

4. Surf for Points 1-4

Surf for Points is a map created to collect the most coins in competition at a certain time. The excitement was added to the fight with silver, gold, and diamond coins that give 1-2-5 points on 4 different maps. The better you surf, the more coins you will collect.

5. Surf_Egypt 2

Surf_Egypt is next in how to surf in CSGO review. In this map, you will feel yourself in the mysterious world of ancient Egypt. In addition, unlike the others, you will find the opportunity to surf in many parts of the map, from sand dunes to stairs. It is also useful to remember this. This map is a more difficult level than the others.

Final Words

In today’s article, we tried to explain how to surf in CSGO to our readers. We took care to talk about what is surf, how to do it and the maps in the game. You can be a good surf player based on the tips we give you. However, we would like to state that you can achieve this success by training and practice. See you in our next review, bye.