CS:GO Marketplace

How to Use the CS:GO Marketplace

CS:GO players love skins. There are many weapon cases to open and many exceptional skins that you can own. But sometimes, you don’t just want to open a case. You want to buy a CS:GO skin or sell it, using the CS:GO Marketplace. Especially if it’s precious.

Why You May Want to Use the CS:GO Marketplace

When you open a CS:GO case, you receive the skins based on RNG. And the odds of getting high-quality skin are quite low. You’d have to open around 400 cases to get a knife skin. But that’s, of course, the average. In your case, it might be 100 or 1000, depending on your luck.

Because of the rarity of highly desired CS:GO skins, such as the AWP Dragon Lore or the AK-47 Golden Arabesque, people often prefer to buy such skins directly. And you can do that using the CS:GO Marketplace. It’s not the only place where you can buy skins, but it’s probably the most utilized.

CS:GO Marketplace

You don’t get a random skin when you use the CS:GO Marketplace. You get exactly what you bought. This is a massive advantage for those who know exactly what they want to obtain and are willing to pay the price. In essence, almost any CS:GO skin that you may want to own can be bought. The only issue is that some skins cost thousands of dollars.

What Is the CS:GO Marketplace

The CS:GO Marketplace is a Steam feature that allows you to trade CS:GO skins. You can buy or sell them, and the process is quick. This feature is part of a bigger one: the Steam Marketplace, located in the Steam menu.

Just open Steam, hover over Community and click on Market to find it. There you will find the marketplace for all of Steam’s essential games. CS:GO is one of the biggest, so you can’t miss it. It’s usually the second one on the right-hand column. Click on it and start trading.

How to Use the CS:GO Marketplace

Using the CS:GO Marketplace is easy. If you want to sell a gun, click View Inventory, which is located under your Wallet balance. Once you’ve opened it, click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and look at your items.

You can inspect each skin by clicking on it and reading the description in the right-hand column. Right at the end of it, you will be told how much the skin is worth at the moment, and if it’s tradeable, you’ll be able to click on the Sell button.

Once you’ve done that, you will get the chance to set your own price and confirm the listing of the skin on the CS:GO Marketplace. Remember that if you don’t use the recommended safety measures related to authentication, the skins you list today will only be listed after a 15-day wait period. 

That’s why activating the Steam Mobile Guard Authenticator is a good idea. That way, you’ll be able to sell skins instantly.

One of the key things to keep in mind when selling CS:GO skins is that their prices vary based on many factors. What can be sold today at a price a month from now may be worth a different price. In the case of high-quality skins, that price tends to increase over time.

For instance, the AWP Dragon Lore is worth today around $2100. But not that long ago, it was worth far less. It’s entirely up to you to decide when you want to buy or sell an item, and you can check its price variation since its inclusion in the game.

If you need to sell something fast, the best idea is to sell it at the price the community is willing to pay for it today. And that price is visible. Whenever you want to sell a skin, you will see a bit of text that says, “X requests to buy at $Y or lower.” That will give you the standard market value of your skin.

Using the CS:GO Marketplace is a good idea in several cases:

You Have a Very Valuable Skin 

If you own a knife skin or some other costly skin that’s worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, you should really consider the opportunity of selling it to make a lot of money. Your entertainment fund may not need another cash injection for years after such a transaction.

You Have Lots of Skins

Even if you don’t own expensive skins, you may still have many skins worth between $0.3 and $30. Selling them can cost a lot of money, so you should consider the opportunity. 

Remember, however, that you will need to confirm many listings. You get a confirmation email whenever you want to sell a skin. Depending on how many skins you own, the whole process can take 30 minutes of an entire day. The longer it takes, the better.

You Need Cash Quickly

During a Steam Sale, when prices plummet, you may want to stock up on games you intend to play later. Of course, the amount adds up when you buy 5 – 10 titles, even if they’re all inexpensive. This requires you to use your credit card. But if you have CS:GO skins to sell, you can solve the problem this way.

One thing to keep in mind is that Steam Sales usually last for 3 – 14 days, while CS:GO skins may need to wait for 15 days before they are listed if you don’t use the Steam Mobile Guard Authenticator. Enable this authenticator now, and you won’t have a problem when time is of the essence.

Usually, when a Steam Sale arrives, you want to be able to sell stuff instantly so that you can buy something else just as fast.