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Most Expensive CS:GO Gloves 2021 | How Much and Why?

If you’ve been in the CS:GO scene for some time now, you’ll know that skins can be a lucrative way to earn money. You earn these through cases that drop in the game, and for the cost of a key, you could end up owning something worth thousands of dollars. The most expensive CS:GO skins are gloves and knives but it in this article we’ll be fully focused on the gloves for 2021.

Here you’ll find some crazy gloves that sold for huge amounts of money.

Most Expensive CS:GO Gloves 2021

The most expensive gloves sold in CS:GO to date are the Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box. They’re purple, luxurious, and stunning. There’s very little to hate about them. However, there are a few gloves that have sold for a similar amount over the years. Let’s dive into them.

1. Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box – $20,000+

Most Expensive CS-GO Gloves 2021

Let’s start at the top. These are the most expensive gloves you can buy in CS:GO today and for 2021. They’re a black and purple set that combines pretty much everything you want into a single pair of gloves. They’re a sports glove, which is easily the most attractive type in the game, and the color scheme goes with a lot of the more expensive knives and weapon skins.

These gloves can only be found in Operation Hydra Cases, so you’ve got to really look to find them. The cases can drop in-game after matches or be found at the marketplace, but you could also use a third-party marketplace like Lootbear to see if anyone is selling the gloves directly. Buying the gloves themselves might be a bit too expensive, but purchasing a Case and then a key to open it is an option as well, however, there’s no way to tell whether you’d go away with these gloves after opening cases worth $20,000.

2. Sport Gloves Vice – $20,000

Sport Gloves Vice

While these sports gloves can also go for quite a lot of money, they’re not the most expensive in CS:GO at the moment. The flashy pink and blue color scheme gives them a look that makes them stand out from anything else.

Again, they go well with pretty much all weapon skins out there, though they’re not as versatile as the Sports Gloves Pandora’s Box. Anyone who owns a pair of these gloves should be able to pick up some skins that go with them. However, if you’re looking to sell them, they’ll earn you a decent amount.

3. Driver Gloves King Snake – $15,000

Driver Gloves King Snake

Now we’re into our first set on non-sports gloves. These are driver gloves, so they don’t look quite as good as the top two gloves on this list. However, they’re also covered in snakeskin, which is absolutely brilliant. This is what really makes these gloves worth so much.

Many players will pay top dollar for a set of gloves that look like they’ve been crafted from the skin of a wild animal. Since they’re digital, too, there’s no guilt. While these gloves might not be for everyone, they’re undeniably desirable, and that makes them worth pursuing.

If you pick up a pair, be sure to see how much you can get for them before using them.

4. Driver Snow Leopard Gloves – $12,000

Driver Snow Leopard Gloves

Here we have yet more driver gloves, but these ones are made of what appears to be a snow leopard’s hide. Again, the type of glove that this is, means it’s not intrinsically worth as much as other pairs.

However, the look of them on-screen is what draws players to them. There’s no way you’d pass up the chance to use these. Being able to get at least $10,000 for these gloves alone makes them worth pursuing.

If you see them going cheaper on a third-party marketplace, you might be smart to pick them up so that you can go on to sell them for more in the future. Do note that skins drop in price over time, though, and these are ones that look to be dropping in 2021.

5. Moto Gloves Spearmint – $11,000

Moto Gloves Spearmint

The final pair of gloves on our list is the Moto Gloves Spearmint. It’s the last new type of glove we’ll show you. As you can see, these gloves are quite chunky, and that’s something that players don’t like as much as the skinnier sports glove form. With this pair, it’s the color scheme that makes them expensive.

The look and feel of these gloves on your hands are fantastic, and seeing enemies fall before them is a feeling you don’t often get in CS:GO. The only thing that brings the value of these gloves down is the fact that they’re massive. The color scheme isn’t present everywhere, so there will be times when you look at these and think they’re little more than a standard set.

What Makes CS:GO Gloves Expensive

Several factors go towards making a skin expensive. The first is obviously the actual skin itself. Some skins are intrinsically valuable because of the way they look. Sometimes the community identifies with a skin, or a streamer picks it up and uses it. Before you know it, that skin is so popular that its value has tripled overnight.

However, these skins are often blips in the marketplace. The skins that gain traction and value over time and maintain it are the ones that sell for the most. These skins look good and have a story behind them.

Whether that’s because the artwork has changed over time and there’s a rare variant, or that it was part of a limited Case run at some point. These are the skins that are always expensive, and the best gloves fall into this category.

Another thing that can make gloves expensive is their condition. The best condition is Factory New, and you’ll seldom see a skin sell for thousands of dollars if it’s in anything less than Factory New condition. The only skins that sell for thousands in less than this condition are ones that are rare for another reason.

How to Invest in Expensive CS:GO Gloves

Investing in CS:GO gloves can be a way to see your money grow over time. The first thing you need to do is take a look at a website like Lootbear. There, you can see hundreds of gloves that are on sale for varying prices.

Set yourself a budget and find a good-looking pair of gloves. It doesn’t matter if they’re expensive or not. Stick to your budget and buy something that looks good.

The next thing to do is wait and continue to check the marketplace. As we mentioned earlier in this article, the prices of skins can shift over time. Sometimes they go up, and sometimes they go down. Wait until you see the price of your gloves go up, and then monitor it.

You want to sell the gloves as close to their peak price as possible. If a streamer is inflating the price, sell the gloves within a day. The price will drop soon after that. If the price is slowly growing over time, though, wait until the growth slows before selling.

By following this methodology, you’ll be able to pick skins up cheap and sell them for much more than you paid for them. The only real challenge is having the patience to wait for the right time to sell the gloves. Too soon, and you’ll lose money, too late, and you may as well hold onto the gloves and sell them when the price goes up again in a few years.