This guy is earning $1000′s with CS:GO skins – Interview!

For some of you out there it might be difficult to believe that its possible to earn good money with LootBear or with CS:GO skins in general. The age old saying ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ rings loudly in your brain and tells you ‘It can’t be true’ or ‘They have an advantage over me somehow’.

The purpose of this blog post is to show you that it IS possible to earn great money from CSGO skins. Couple the power of profitable CSGO trading with the LootBear platform and you have yourself a very powerful passive revenue machine.


Our interview today is with a Mr.Fatmetal (@Fatmetalcs on Twitter – Follow him for giveaways and updates). I was first introduced to him by a mutual friend who also happens to be a very successful CSGO trader and we are honored to have him be a part of our community, as well as being a valued supplier for our platform.

So lets get started – How did you first get into CSGO skin trading?

‘I first started with CSGO trading when I bought a FT Gut Knife Night as a broke teenager from my pocket money. Back then there were a lot less options and sites for trading – so I just did small knife trades for the most part and slowly built up from there’

Awesome, so its a story of humble beginnings! Are you able to make a full-time income from your CSGO trading and LootBear?

‘Yes, I’m a student and I’m currently studying Business Informatics, I never had a “conventional job” to support my university life.’

So you’re able to sustain your life with a hobby – that’s pretty awesome.

What do you do outside of trading, you said you don’t have a job so are you a student?

‘I am currently studying Business Informatics, I never had a “real job”’

It doesn’t really look like you’ve needed to! 

So you’ve obviously invested a lot of time into learning the economics of the skins industry, but what about in game… Are you a noob? What rank are you?

‘I am currently Supreme Master First Class. It tends to swing between LEM and Global Elite. I am getting way too competitive though recently, so I play less than usual.’

Oh nice! I’ve been stuck in the same cycle between LEM – Global Elite myself. And that’s probably a good call – Taking a step back from the game instead of getting angry with it from being overly competitive. I wish more people had the same mindset haha.

Lets talk a little bit about LootBear. How did you first hear about us?

‘I Heard about LootBear pretty early on but didn’t fully believe in the concept back then. A year later I saw a Twitter advertisement searching for suppliers which got my attention. I asked some of my friends and nobody had anything bad to say about it so I decided to give it a go.’

Great, I’m glad your friends had good things to say about our platform! How has LootBear helped you develop and further your CSGO skins ‘side hustle’?

‘LootBear offers a different approach to skins for me and is a nice way to diversify my investment. I normally buy/sell/trade rare items(Blue Gems, Kato 14/Crown Skins, Souvenirs) On LootBear I can sell and rent popular skins to people that aren’t high tier collectors, like my usual clientele, to get a nice daily passive income.’

Sounds like you’ve worked out a great balance between your high level trading and serving the demand of the average user.

How much (in $) have you invested in LootBear so far?

‘I currently have items worth a little over $10000 invested in LootBear right now.’

That’s awesome. Theres a lot of users out there playing with your skins right now then haha!

What is your goal with LootBear? Where do you see this business going for you?

 My goal is to create a nice passive income with my disposable money with a crazy ROI – in times where conventional investments aren’t worth it anymore.’

That sounds like a very respectable goal. And what you said about conventional investments is so true. It’s very rare to get such a good return on investment – We are proud of the opportunity that we can offer our suppliers.

And finally, do you have any advice to give to the people out there looking to get started with CSGO trading?

‘There is no easy answer to this question since the trading world is a vast wonderland with dozens (probably even hundreds) of different economical niches to live in. Educate yourself on some of the niches and decide which you like most. Then study the market and make friends. Don’t try to copy other people too much, there is a niche for everyone, it is just waiting to be found.’

Sounds like some solid advice for people. Copying others is a great way to over-saturate a corner of the market which means less profitability for everyone. Finding and putting your own unique spins on things is a great strategy. 

Thank you so much for your time, your answers and your continued support of our platform.

We hope you can find some value in this interview and if you enjoyed it let us know on our Twitter account @applootbear so we can find more influential people in the industry to speak to!

If you are looking to get started with earning passive income online and share a passion for CSGO skins then you should definitely follow Fatmetal’s example and become a supplier on LootBear – We offer a great ROI and ensure the safety of your investment.