csgo bot commands

CSGO Bot Commands

With millions of players, CSGO is one of the most played games in the world. Players often practice with bots to get used to competitive matches. Moreover, CSGO bot commands are also useful here. By controlling bots, we can design them to behave just like humans. Bots are the choice of most professional gamers to practice their daily routine.

With this guide, you will be able to learn how to add bots, set difficulty levels, etc. in CSGO using commands.

How to Enable CSGO Bot Commands?

There are some special commands in CSGO to understand the structure of artificial intelligence-controlled bots and to manage them. Before you can enter these commands, you must first mark the “Enable developer console (~)” option as “Yes” in the settings. If you want to get more detailed information about the developer console, you can also take a look at this article.

CSGO All Bot Commands List

  1. bot_add Command: With this command, you can add a bot to the game you are playing. By specifying T or CT you allocate the bots specifically to the teams.
bot_add ct
bot_add t

(T=terrorist, CT=counter terrorist)

csgo bot commands
  • add_bot ctbot_difficulty Command: The difficulty command allows you to change the difficulty level of the bots on your server. There are 4 difficulty options.

Easy: bot_difficulty 0

Normal: bot_difficulty 1

Hard: bot_difficulty 2

Expert: bot_difficulty 3

  • bot_kick console Command: With the kick command, you can kick the bots on your server from the game. There are 3 different versions of this command.

bot_kick: Instantly kicks all bots in the game.

Or you can make it more specific:

bot_kick ct: It only kicks bots in CT out of the game.

bot_kick John: You kick a bot that you have determined specifically from the game.

  • Bot Weapon Commands: With this command, bots only use the weapon types you specify.

bot_snipers_only: With this code, bots will only use AWP.

bot_pistols_only: Only pistol.

bot_knives_only: Knife appears in the hands of all bots.

bot_all_weapons: Bots can use any weapon.

Other weapon commands are:

  • grenades
  • machine_guns
  • pistols
  • rifles
  • sub_machine_guns
  • snipers
  • shotguns
  • rogues

Other Bot Commands

In order to activate some of the commands below, you must first type “sv_cheats 1” into the developer console.

bot_mimic 1: Bots mimic your movements.

mp_limitteams 1: When you kick bots out of the game, it prevents them from rejoining.

mp_autoteambalance 0: Disables automatic balancing of bots to both teams.

bot_place: This command creates a bot at the point you aim your weapon.

bot_stop 1: Bots freeze instantly, even when in motion.

mp_free_armor 2: Gives kevlar and helmets to all bots on the server.

bot_quota(amount): It allows you to set the maximum number of bots on the server you are playing on.

bot_crouch 1(0): Makes all bots crouch where they are. The 0 command breaks the crouching action.

mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1;mp_respawn_on_death_t 1: This is the command that allows bots to respawn after they die.

bot_randombuy: It changes the way bots buy weapons. With this command, bots start to buy random items.

bot_kill: Depending on your wish, you can kill all bots on your server or the bots you specify one by one.

bot_dont_shoot: Used to prevent bots from using their weapons.

bot_max_vision_distance_override: With the [-1 / 1]: command, you can determine from what distance bots can see you. -1 disables the command completely. By changing the value to 1, you allow bots to see you from a distance.

How to Practice with Bots in CSGO?

Most players who want to improve in CSGO want to practice routine with bots. Because we need bots to develop dexterity, reflex and muscle memory. When you enter the game, you can log in by selecting the Practice With Bots section from the play section at the top left.

After that, you should set some bot commands for yourself and create the most suitable training environment. If you want, you can download Aim Training maps from the Steam Workshop.

FAQ About CSGO Bot Commands

Are there commands for AimBot in CSGO?: Yes there is. You can only use this command when playing with bots. You do not run the risk of getting banned.

“ent_fire cs_bot AddOutput “ModelScale 0”

Why did CSGO remove bots?: With the new update on January 7, CSGO has completely removed bots in competitive matches. Furthermore, Valve cited the reason why the bad player in the team was voted out.

Can I play CSGO offline with bots?: CSGO allows players to play offline with bots. Moreover, you can also use maps uploaded by community members. Especially offline playing with bots is a great advantage for players who want to train.

To sum up, in this article, we learned what the bots in CSGO do, how and in which situations they are used, and most importantly, what benefits they provide for us. If you want to play like a pro, you should consider what we said. If you have any questions or anything to add, do not hesitate to contact us.