csgo spray patterns

CSGO Spray Patterns

If you are familiar with FPS games, it means you have played CSGO and its derivatives. High-skill games like CSGO have evolved over time, making gameplay more complicated. However, players had to practice a lot and improve their skills. Many players who take the game seriously have turned professional to gain the upper hand in competitive modes. Aiming, CSGO spray patterns control, and recoil, which are some of the many mechanics that CSGO contains, are the techniques that players want to learn the most. In this article, we will examine CSGO spray patterns and recoil patterns.

What Are The Spray Patterns of Weapons in CSGO?

The most important detail that players should know first is to learn what CSGO spray patterns are. All weapons in CSGO have a recoil feature in different ways. This recoil also makes it problematic if you constantly fire the weapons in the game.

So you have a hard time aiming. The more you fire a weapon, the more your reticle shifts away from where you started shooting. The reason this setting is available in CSGO is to mimic real-life weapon handling behavior.

What Is the Difference Between Recoil and Inaccuracy?

While one of the most frequently mentioned issues players have in CSGO is kickback, it’s a common misconception. Besides the recoil, there is another important factor. Beginners to the game think that the reason for all the shots they miss with the gun is because of the recoil.

But another important factor found in the game is inaccuracy. Inaccuracy is related to the chance of a bullet hitting the opponent you are targeting, varying from weapon to weapon. At the same time, this chance may differ depending on whether you run, crouch, walk and jump while in the game. In short, there is no way to prevent this.

But recoil doesn’t happen randomly like inaccuracy. Recoil always follows a fixed direction. Spray patterns vary from weapon to weapon in CSGO. In particular, some weapons have slight recoil in a small area, while some weapons have much larger recoil.

If you want to become a professional in CSGO, you can take precautions by controlling the recoil feature of each weapon. This is easier for you if you want to specialize in a single weapon. If you manage to move your aim against the recoil point of your weapon with your mouse, you can prevent recoil and make more consistent shots.

Spray Patterns And Recoil Models of Weapons in CSGO

Every weapon in CSGO has its own unique recoil. Most weapons you start shooting will climb up or start swinging. Below we will present models for the best spray control and recoil compensation.


The bullets you fire with the AK-47 will hit the targeted opponent as 3 to 5 bullets. From now on, your weapon will also start to recoil and swing to the left and right. After 7 rounds you start to have difficulty controlling the spray of your AK-47.

Recoil Compensation

  • Try to fire 2-3 bullets at the same time each time.
  • Your first bullets will always go in the correct plane. Therefore, try to kill the enemy by shooting them in the head as much as possible.
  • Kill the enemy up to the 10-11th bullet as much as possible.
csgo spray patterns


Your first 10 rounds fired with the M4A4 will hit straight upwards. So try to keep your sight as steady as possible. You need to memorize the correct target thoroughly as the rest of your bullets will fly randomly.

Recoil Compensation

  • Move your aim to the right after the first 10 rounds.
  • Then swipe your target to the left after the 20th bullet.

• From the moment you fire the gun, aim at your opponent’s body in 7-8 rounds and wait for the target to rise up to his head. Try to kill your opponent with a nice spray in the first 10 rounds.

csgo spray patterns


Just like the M4A4, the first 10 bullets go straight up. After 10 rounds, the recoil swings left and right.

Recoil Compensation

  • Move your target right and down after the first 10 rounds.
  • Memorize which move you will make in how many bullets by controlling the number of bullets.
csgo spray patterns

Galil AR

It advances straight up to the 10th bullet, then deviates to the left and is thrown. After that you can see how the bullets spread to the right and left.

Recoil Compensation

  • Pull your spray down after the first 9-10 bullets.
  • Wait 1 second after firing 10 rounds. Because after 10 rounds, the control of the spray becomes extremely difficult.
  • Use 2-3 bullets per firing.
  • Try to aim at the enemy’s head when aiming from long distances. From short distances, aim at the opponent’s torso and neck.
csgo spray patterns


It moves from the center to the top, firing up to 15 rounds. After the 15th bullet, random recoil starts to the right and left.

Recoil Compensation

  • Try to keep the sight as low and centered as possible. Then try to move quickly left and right.
  • Try to constantly aim at the head and re-fire every 2-3 rounds. Also, constantly check your bullet count.
csgo spray patterns

SG 553

Since the SG is a powerful rifle, initially the bullets move from the bottom up and to the right.

Recoil Compensation

  • Fire by tilting the aiming part of the gun to the left.
  • Aim a little above your opponent’s torso, firing 2-3 rounds at a time.
  • Aim directly to the head every 2-3 bullets after improving yourself.
csgo spray patterns


If optical zoom is turned off, move your bullets to the left and quickly to the right.

Recoil Compensation

  • When aiming with the AUG, try to aim your bullets down and to the right.
  • The best aiming with the AUG is to headshot. Always try to kill the opponent in 2-3 rounds by opening the scope.
csgo spray patterns


Classic sniper rifle, no recoil.

Recoil Compensation

  • A single bullet hits the torso or head and kills the enemy.
csgo spray patterns


SSG does not have any recoil.

Recoil Compensation

  • If you shoot directly to the head, if your enemy is unarmoured, you can kill them. If it’s armored you need multiple shots.

• SSG allows you to move quickly as if you were moving with a knife.


The spray control of this rifle is extremely simple. Just keep it as stable as possible in the center.

Recoil Compensation

  • Try shooting at your opponents from a distance with only one zoom.
  • At close range, try to shoot without using binoculars. It will be easier to kill your opponent as the tab is always in the center.
csgo spray patterns


It has exactly the same features as the G3SG1. Try to keep your spray as centered as possible.

Recoil Compensation

  • Keeping the weapon’s sight centered, pull it down slightly.
  • Shoot in rapid succession with 3-4 bullets. In this way, you can kill the opponent more easily.
  • Check your bullet constantly, it will run out fast. Note that there are 20 bullets.
csgo spray patterns


When you start firing with the Mac-10, it shifts upwards with a left slant. After about 15 bullets, it is thrown to the right.

Recoil Compensation

  • Always try to lower the barrel when you start shooting.
  • Always try to kill the enemy at close range.
  • Try to shoot using 3-6 bullets. Because then you can hit the main target.
csgo spray patterns


When you start shooting with the MP9, the spray quickly returns to the left and then right to the center.

Recoil Compensation

  • Keep aiming to the right, then quickly try to bring it to the middle.
  • Always try to kill your opponents in close proximity.
csgo spray pattern


The first 6 bullets reach the point you aimed with full hit. However, after 6 bullets, the spray shifts quickly to the right.

Recoil Compensation

  • Spray keeping the barrel centered. Slide your spray to the left after the first 4-6 rounds.
  • If you are going to shoot from long distances, fire 4-5 bullets in rapid succession.
  • Try to shoot at the opponent’s body and under the neck from close range.
csgo spray patterns


The first 4 bullets you fire with the weapon move straight and then start to spread to the right.

Recoil Compensation

  • Try to aim at the opponent’s head in 4 rounds as much as possible when you shoot from long distances.
  • For the enemies you will try to kill at close range, what you need to do is to aim at the chest and try to hit it in the head.
csgo spray patterns


The Glock is a consistent weapon. The spray rises steadily upwards.

Recoil Compensation

  • Try to aim at your enemy’s head when you start firing. It may be good at six neck.
  • Shoot by aiming at the torso and neck at a distance.
  • If your opponent is too close, turn on the 3-shot mode and try to aim at the head.


In Glock style, each shot rises steadily upwards.

Recoil Compensation

  • After each single shot, bring your barrel to the opponent’s head and shoot.
  • Don’t forget to control the bullet. Because you only have 12 bullets.
  • Use only 1 bullet each time you shoot. Aim for the opponent’s head with each bullet.
csgo spray patterns


As with most pistols, the P2000’s spray travels upwards.

Recoil Compensation

  • Take double shots by aiming at the enemy’s head in a quick manner.
  • Pay attention to the number of bullets as in the USP, you only have 13 bullets.
csgo spray patterns


When you start firing the P250, the spray moves upwards, swinging left and right.

Recoil Compensation

  • Breathe after each shot and fire by placing the barrel over the enemy’s head.
  • If you couldn’t aim at the head with your shots, shoot the body quickly.
csgo spray patterns

Desert Eagle

Since the Desert Eagle is a gun with a lot of recoil, you have to move your spray sharply.

Recoil Compensation

  • When aiming at the enemy, always fire 1 or 2 rounds, aiming at the opponent’s head and stomach.
  • Remember, only the first bullet you fire with Desert Eagle hits the target.
  • Fire a single bullet and get a headshot.
csgo spray patterns

Dual Berettas

Unlike other pistols, it moves a little faster from the center upwards.

Recoil Compensation

  • When you start spraying, move your barrel downwards.
  • Be sure to crouch constantly as you shoot.
  • Aim at the torso and chest at close range.
csgo spray patterns


It is one of the most commonly used pistols. After 4 bullets, the spray is thrown to the right quickly.

Recoil Compensation

  • If you are going to play with this weapon, you must be as close to your opponents as possible. When you start to shoot, slide your spray to the left.
  • Try not to shoot at your enemies from afar as the TEC-9 has a lot of recoil.
  • Hit the opponent’s head with a single bullet at close range. Then quickly fire other bullets into the opponent’s stomach and body.
csgo spray pattern


The first 5 bullets you fire find the targets clearly in the center. Then the spray proceeds to the right in a scattered manner.

Recoil Compensation

  • Always try to keep your spray in the middle.
  • Shoot your first 5 bullets from medium and close ranges by aiming at your opponent’s head.
csgo spray pattern


Five-Seven’s spray rises from the center upwards.

Recoil Compensation

  • Try to keep the tip of the barrel as central as possible. And slowly scroll down.
  • The first 2-3 bullets you fire should always hit. So always try to aim at your head.
  • If your opponent is nearby, aim and shoot at their chest.
csgo spray pattern

How to Spray Like Pro Players in CSGO?

• Practice regularly every day. Set yourself some weapons to play with regularly. And constantly train and practise with these weapons on some aim training maps. One of the most common methods is to control your spray by aiming at any wall and shooting. If you do this consistently, you’ll find that you’ve mastered the recoil over time.

• Keep in mind that most weapons’ recoil capabilities are good to know. However, it is pointless to master all of them when you are just starting out. So start with your favorite weapon first.

• Examine recoil patterns. Before you start training in CSGO, review the published guides and review the recoil and spray patterns and repeat them with your mouse. If you can stabilize this situation, you will better understand what moves you need to do in weapons.