CSGO knife animations

[TOP 5] CSGO Knife Animations 2022

We examine the knives, which are one of the most important items in CSGO and have various skins. In this article, we examine all the knives that have been released in CSGO so far and decide which animations are the best. Also, in particular, we will rank knives from the most liked to the least liked by the CSGO community.

In general, knives are one of the starting equipment in both CT and Terrorists. At the start or between the game, players like to play with the animation of the knife. And so they can spend hundreds of dollars on both knives and skins. Let’s take a closer look at the best knife animations in CSGO together.

1. Butterfly Knife | Blue Steel (FN)

  • Price: $623.98 – $849.21
  • Collection: The Breakout Collection
  • Released: July 1, 2014
  • Case: Operation Breakout Weapon Case

The Butterfly Knife is undoubtedly one of the most loved items in CSGO as it is in real life. Butterfly is an indispensable part of the game, both with its striking animations and with its unique handling style. The animation that you start by pressing F when you take the Butterfly Knife in your hand is the most used one, especially in the game.

The animation created by taking the knife between the thumb and turning it around is pleasing to the players with its dangerous appearance. Finally, Butterfly Knife has a special sound model as well as unique animations in CSGO. The knife in the video below is a highly preferred skin due to its simple appearance and realistic design. If you want to buy this skin, you can use 3rd party sites.

2. Karambit | Night (FN)

  • Price: $1,069.86 – $1,284.93
  • Collection: The Arms Deal
  • Released: July 1, 2014
  • Case: CSGO Weapon Case 1-2-3, eSports 2013-Winter-2014 Summer Case, Bravo, Phoneix, Vanguard, Revolver, Winter Offensive

Karambit is a type of knife that has left its mark on the game with most cosmetic items in recent times. It is almost iconic equipment, especially in CSGO. It is loved by the players with its various skins and different animations in the game. When we look at the animations of the Karambit, it creates the knife by rotating it by keeping the index finger in the ring.

Karambit is generally held upside down, and when you hold down F, you can see all the details of the knife as it is rotated 180 degrees while examining the knife. In order for you to see all the details of Karambit clearly in the video, we chose a skin that does not have many colors. If you like Karambit Night in the video, sign up to Lootbear now to buy and start trading.

3. Bayonet | Urban Masked

  • Price: $184.96 – $245.48
  • Collection: The Arms Deal
  • Released: August 14, 2013
  • Case: CSGO Weapon 1-2-3, eSports 2013-2014, Operation Bravo, Phoneix, Vanguard, Revolver and Winter Offensive

As you know, Bayonet is a military-grade and classic knife. It is also known as a commando knife. It is one of the first knives in CSGO. When we examine the plain-looking animations in the game, you can examine the blade by slightly turning the face when you press F. When you press G, a different animation comes into play and you can rotate the knife 360 degrees on your fingers. Straight strokes act as a stud, while right-clicking puts the knife into the stud animation. The skin we preferred in the video is Bayonet Urban Masked. It can be considered one of the first knife skins of the game.

You may have noticed that we have made a nostalgic listing for CSGO skins. But have you ever wondered which are the most expensive knife skins in CSGO? If your answer is yes, we are waiting for you in our most expensive CSGO knife article.

4. Talon Knife | Case Hardened

Price: $576.13 – $700.00

Collection: A New Horizon

Released: August 2, 2016

Case: Danger Zone, Horizon

The Talon Knife has the same features as the Karambit, but has a slightly different appearance. In our opinion, it has a nice look in CSGO due to the talon knife animations, which are much better than Karambit. When we look at the animation in the game, the starting grip is the same as the Karambit.

When you press F, it continues by holding the round part of the blade and rotating it on the index finger for a while. After you press G, you can move the knife back and forth. In straight strokes, the tip of the knife tries to stab to the right or left. Likewise, heavy hit beats are completed in crochet style or by stabbing forward. The animation we prefer in the video is the Hardened series.

5. Shadow Daggers | Night

The only two-handed blade in CSGO is Shadow Daggers. Although it has been the subject of memes by the CSGO community due to its animations and being one of a kind, it is still one of the most used items.

It has a really nice design with a ninja-like grip that creates a different atmosphere when used in-game. Again, when we look at the animations in the game, if you press the F key, an animation occurs in which the right knife is transferred from the middle finger to the index finger.

When you press the G key, you can rotate both blades 180 degrees in your palm and take them between your fingers again. When we look at the straight hits, the normal hit uses both knives as left and right, while the right click heavy hits are designed on both knives at the same time. As an example, the skin used in the video you can watch is Shadow Daggers Night.

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