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CSGO Player Count 2022

CSGO, the fourth version of Counter-Strike, has been one of the most popular games since its release. In other words, the CSGO player count has always been high since 2012. CSGO deserves this popularity in many ways. Especially those who enjoyed CS 1.6. in their childhood loved CSGO as much. With its easy-to-understand story, it also managed to engulf people who could not keep up with the CS 1.6. era or even those who have never played the game.

 CSGO 5v5 classic mode generally consists of terrorists setting up bombs and counter-terrorists trying to defuse the bomb. Even if the story is that simple, it has many interesting details, such as the unique gameplay of each weapon or the precise hit of grenades thrown at specific points.

These and many more reasons that we will discuss later explain why CSGO has many players. So what is the most recent player count in CSGO? If you want, let’s start our guide, where you will find the answer to this question and more.

How Many People Are Playing CSGO?

Global Offensive has been in our lives for almost ten years, and the number of players has increased steadily over ten years. Especially in April 2020, CSGO reached the highest player count of all time for some reason.

Additionally, some incidents caused CSGO to lose its player count. Some of these reasons were that some players used hacking, made abusive statements or displayed violent attitudes. Therefore, there was a decrease in the number of players who entered the game for fun. In addition, Valve has developed new moves to solve this issue.

As a result, CSGO, which exceeded one million for the first time in 2020, could not maintain it in 2021. However, an average of 500,000 people continued to play CSGO.

In 2022, things went pretty much the same. In short, the average number of CSGO players in 2022 is just over 500,000. Also, last April, CSGO reached the highest player count of 2022 with 1,013,237 players.

As a result, we have provided you with an overview of the number of CSGO players from past to present. In addition, if you are wondering in detail about the CSGO player numbers in 2022, you can find the CSGO player numbers by month just below.

Average and Highest Number of CSGO Players by Month 2022

Here is the number of CSGO players by month in 2022;

  • An average of 602,376 people played CSGO in January 2022. In addition, the highest number of players this month was 991625.
  • In February 2022, an average of 634,638 people played CSGO. Additionally, the highest player count this month was 995,163.
  • An average of 581,489 people played CSGO in March 2022. In addition, the highest number of players this month was 987,993.
  • An average of 568,983 people played CSGO in April 2022. In addition, the highest number of players this month was 1,013,237.
  • An average of 564,961 people played CSGO in May 2022. In addition, the highest number of players this month was 923,996.

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Relationship Between CSGO and Valorant

Overall, both games are highly tactical. Additionally, it would help if you had meticulous strategy and execution. Also, both games are of the 5v5 game type. So both are highly competitive games. Moreover, both aim to plant or detonate bombs or destroy enemy team members. As a result, the two games are highly parallel.

All these similarities make everyone think, “Is Valorant killing CSGO?” brought the question. Although everyone usually attributes the decline of CSGO to this, it is not precisely the case. This belief is because when Valorant launched in June 2020, CSGO was already in decline. So CSGO was in an independent fall from Valorant.

It also experienced a period when it gained the players it lost independently from Valorant. So, even though Valorant is on the market, CSGO has been on the rise. This reason shows that despite their similarity, the two games are kept separate.

While Valorant did not impact CSGO’s player base, it did damage in another way. The biggest thing Valorant did to CSGO was that professional CSGO players moved onto the Valorant scene. For example, experienced players like TenZ and ShahZam that everyone knows left CSGO and continued their careers in Valorant. So Valorant damaged CSGO’s Esports scene by weakening it.

In Which Countries Are CSGO Most Played?

For a more detailed look at the number of CS GO players, it may be good to look at the statistics we have listed by examining many sources. Here are the top 5 countries with the highest percentage of CSGO player count.

1. Russia – 11.65%

2. USA – 10.66%

3. Poland – 5.32%

4. Brazil – 4.87%

5. Germany – 4.55%

CSGO 2022 Twitch Stats

In short, Twitch is the website that allows you to stream or watch video game content. Moreover, as people prefer to watch games rather than TV series and movies in recent years, the usage rate of Twitch has increased tremendously.

As a result, it is impossible to deny the impact of Twitch, which has become an important figure in the gaming industry, on the popularity of games. Let’s take a look at Twitch’s impact on CSGO.

So, since the beginning of 2022, CSGO has been watched for 360,292,986 hours on Twitch and streamed over 5 million hours. Additionally, over 1,200 channels were broadcasting CSGO daily on average, reaching a maximum of 1,687,805 viewers this year. In other words, it doesn’t look bad, even though it hasn’t caught the herpes figures of previous years.

Besides, it has been on the rise for the last 30 days. We have listed the statistics of the previous month below for you to reach the most up-to-date Twitch statistics;

● Average number of viewers per month: 88,974

● Monthly total watch hours: 202

● Monthly highest number of viewers: 1,687,805

In general, CSGO is one of the games that still maintains its popularity. So why do so many people still play CSGO after all these years?

Why is CSGO Popular?

CSGO has been one of the most talked-about games since 2012. Especially during the pandemic period, it experienced a rapid rise again. As we just mentioned, the CSGO player count is still relatively high. So, why is an old game still so prevalent in this age when many new games enter our lives?

Easy to Understand

Competing games often have more complex and uncertain dynamics, while CSGO has a straightforward scenario. In short, terrorists aim to detonate a bomb or aim to harm the hostage, while counter-terrorists, on the contrary, decode the bomb or save the hostage.

In other words, when a beginner opens the game, he has a gun in his hand and naturally understands what to do in a short time. All in all, the simplicity that CSGO offers make it a game loved by everyone.

Depth of Gameplay

No matter how simple the game may seem at first glance, you realize its beautiful details when you discover it. So a beginner CSGO player would probably run around with a gun or throw grenades all over the place first. Then they stumble upon the strategizing bombs the opposing players throw or the headshot from an unnoticed point. They begin to wonder how the opposing players play so effectively.

Thus, the depth behind the game’s simplicity is revealed, and now it is even more fun. So, no matter how simple CSGO has a story, it includes unique strategies. For example, your position is significant because each has its strategy. Another example is weapons. This reason is that each weapon has different features and prices. In other words, your game’s economy changes according to the weapons you choose.

In addition, the communication you establish with the team or even the points where you drop the bombs are essential strategies for the game. All in all, CSGO is a unique game that combines simplicity and depth, and all these reasons continue to keep it popular.


The world of esports now has great tournaments that everyone who loves games enjoys following. It has also been one of the leaders of this world for years in CSGO. In other words, CSGO, with millions of players, also has millions of viewers because of the incredible skills and excellent team strategies of pro players.

These features make CSGO unique and capture large audiences in big tournaments. In addition, the fact that it is among the most played games on Steam and one of the most-watched games on Twitch proves all this.

Skin Trading

We’re going to talk about an important reason why CSGO is popular; trading skins for betting. So, trading skin made CSGO incredibly popular. In other words, players constantly play CSGO to use the skins they get from the game and to make a profit. In other words, the financial gain that the game provides to the players indirectly and the trade arena it gives are one of the reasons that keep CSGO popular

Game Modes

First of all, CSGO doesn’t only have a 5v5 mode; over time, CSGO developers have included new modes in the game. CSGO has great mods for those bored with the classic 5v5 matches. So one thing that makes it unique is the game modes it includes.

For example, you can play 2v2 in Wingman mode or have exciting moments in the game-changing War Game mode. It would help if you also looked at Danger Zone because it’s a great BR mode where 18 players fight until the last person is left. Finally, Casual and Deathmatch modes, which we are all familiar with, are also very entertaining.


If you last played CSGO long ago, you will notice the changes when you enter now. You don’t have to be afraid because the game mechanics haven’t changed much. Valve made changes to the UI in general, aiming to make everything more accessible. It also achieved its purpose because, compared to the past, the CSGO interface is straightforward and understandable.

Additionally, CSGO allows in-game purchases. Firstly, these purchases do not give an edge in the game. In other words, in-game purchases help you customize your game more. With hundreds of beautiful weapon designs, you can change the monotony of your game and show off your opponents.

More Maps

CSGO has many different maps. Also, playing on the new map doesn’t change the rules; it just gives you new places to explore. For example, when you learn the details of the Dust2 map and get bored with it, you can explore Inferno.

Additionally, many known maps and new maps are added with the updates that come over time.


In this guide, we first told you about CSGO. Then we added all the statistics from the number of CSGO players and about it. Additionally, we answered the question, is Valorant killing CSGO? Finally, we have listed why CSGO has been so popular. We hope this all helped answer your questions.