How to Switch Hands in CSGO?

One of the most beautiful features of CSGO, which has managed to stand strong for 20 years, is that you can customize your game as much as you want. Additionally, one of these customization options; An important detail, especially for left-handed people, is the hand-switching option. Therefore, in this guide, we have explained the question of how to switch hands in CSGO in detail.

Generally, most of the players are right-handed when playing games. That’s why the default weapon placement in CSGO is on the right. However, this may seem complicated to some left-handed people. They probably feel most comfortable when the gun is on the left side.

You may not know this, but CSGO offers ways to move the weapon position to the left if you want and use different features that we will discuss in a moment. So left-handed players don’t need to get used to the gun displayed on the right!

It’s also a feature designed to make more left-handed players feel better, but that’s not the only reason. With an appropriate bind, this feature also allows your weapon to be on the right whenever you want during the game and on the left. You may be asking, What good does this do? However, when you use this feature effectively, it will help you see the enemy better.

All in all, there are many advantages to changing hands in CSGO. In this guide, you will find all the details of how to do this.

What Do You Need to Switch Hands In CSGO?

Generally, the answer to the question of how to switch hands in CSGO has to do with the console command cl_righthand. Also, if you set it to true or 1, you will see all the items on the right. So this is the default setting.  So what do you need to have your gun be on the left?

How to Get Left Handed in CSGO?

Left-handed CSGO players will likely find that moving items all the way to the left is the best way for them. To do this, you need to set the cl_righthand console command we just mentioned to 0.

So if you want to make a one-time change, replace 1 and type cl_righthand 0. However, if you want your items to be entirely on the left, what you need to do is; bind # is to write “cl_righthand 0”. So, your weapon will appear completely on the left side. So what should you do if you don’t want it to stay on the left side?

CSGO Toggle Bind For Switching Hands

Your gun doesn’t need to be on one side all the time. In other words, you can move your weapon to the left whenever and to the right whenever you want. This is possible with a toggle for changing the value of a parameter.

First, open your console. Then type bind # “toggle cl_righthand 0 1” into the console. Now the position of your weapon will change whenever you want. Additionally, your key to doing this is; “#”.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if your weapon moved to the right or left according to your position during the game? There is a way to do this, too; let’s take a look.

how to switch hands in csgo

Dynamic CSGO Left Hand and Right Hand Switch

The great thing about key binding is that you can assign several functions to one key. Also, if you have set several functions to a key, be careful not to manually change the game options. Because such double binds are cancelled in such cases. It’s even a good idea to keep a bind command line nearby in such situations.

Usually, the default key for swiping left is a, and the default key for the left is usually d. You can change cl_righthand using both. To do this, you should write:

bind a “+moveleft ; cl_righthand 1″;bind d “+moveright ; cl_righthand 0”

This way, when you shoot to the right, your gun will shift to the left. Also, if you shoot left, the weapon will appear on the right. This dynamic change can be distracting for some players. However, if you can focus, you can have much better map control. In this way, you will see the area you are shooting better. It’s also a good idea for gamers who have to play with low screen resolutions.

If you have made your hand settings in CSGO, we have another suggestion for you. How to Change FOV in CSGO? Check out our article. We think it can improve your gaming experience even more.

Switch Hand in CSGO Summary

In CSGO, switching hands may seem like a simple function. In fact, correct key binds are extremely powerful. It’s a good idea to increase the field of view and make it easier for left-handed players to play. 

As a result, we have explained the answers to the question of How to switch hands in CSGO in detail above, let’s summarize all this:

  • If you want to see your weapon permanently left in CSGO: bind # “cl_righthand 0
  • To have the weapon on the left whenever you want and on the right whenever you want: bind # “toggle cl_righthand 0 1
  • If you want to change the location of your weapon dynamically: bind a “+moveleft ; cl_righthand 1“; bind d “+moveright ; cl_righthand 0

Final Words

In CSGO, which is the most significant of competitive games, all kinds of changes will contribute to your success in the game. Especially for left-handed CSGO players, the weapon on the right is an essential deficiency in terms of gameplay. That’s why one of the most asked questions is “how to switch hands in CSGO”. Of course, there is a solution to this in CSGO as well.

This article taught you how to switch hands in CSGO. We hope you enjoyed this guide with tips for not only left-handed players but also players who want to broaden map view. If all is well, how about using this new feature you learned?