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Converting Valorant Sens to CSGO – Here’s How To Do It

Despite the fact that Valorant is a skill-based game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can show their skills in that game as well. Because the speed and reflexive structure of the game are similar. And so it is quite possible to convert Valorant sens to CSGO or CSGO sens to Valorant.

Valorant and CSGO are games that are quite similar and have a lot in common to use the same sens. Most FPS skills and sens options from one game to the other can be easily transferred. If you play with proper settings and tactics, you have many chances and possibilities to be successful in both games.

Why Do You Need The Best Sens?

Aiming and playing accurately depends on sensitivity most of the time, and if you’re playing an FPS game, an unbalanced sensitivity can spoil your gameplay and have negative consequences. That’s why most players, pro or not, pay attention to it. So if you are playing Valorant or CSGO, it is recommended to find the sensitivity that suits you best.

Finding the perfect sens for you can take a long time, but once you find it, you want to use that sensitivity in most games. So, you can easily transfer it over from Counter-Strike, Valorant or other games like Overwatch, or Apex Legends, instead of searching for a new sensitivity and dealing with your settings for hours on end.

If you are going to switch from CSGO to Valorant or from Valorant to CSGO, you may want to keep your sens and mouse settings. It is not suggested that you switch to a different sensitivity in CSGO since your Valorant gameplay will be affected negatively. You can also improve your game quality by learning how to change your Crosshair to get the full performance in CSGO.

How to Change Your Valorant Sens to CSGO?

Valorant movement is not identical to that of CSGO. It’s really a little slower, which is why some players prefer to play Valorant with a higher sensitivity. But since the speed of the two games is different, things may work differently for you.

However, if you play both games on a regular basis, playing with two distinct numbers may harm your performance.

valorant sensitivity to csgo

Valorant sens is equal to CSGO sens calculated by 3.18. Players will not notice any differences in mouse movement while using this technique to convert Valorant sens to CSGO. Here’s how you do it:

Method 1: Manually

If you want to adjust your Valorant sens for CSGO, you should multiply your Valorant sens by 3.18. Normally, when calculating sens from CSGO to Valorant, it is divided by 3.18181818, but as we said before, since Valorant is a game that requires a higher sensitivity, you have to multiply it.

  • Learn your Valorant sens from your Keyboard/Mouse settings.
  • Multiply your sens number by 3.18181818.
  • For example: for a Valorant sensitivity of 0.471, it would be 0.471 * 3.18181818 = 1.5
valorant sens to csgo

Method 2: Using a sens converter

In fact, you don’t even have to deal with these complicated calculations at all. Whether it’s CSGO, Valorant or other FPS games, it’s possible to convert your sens directly, but different settings are seen as each game has a different sensitivity and gameplay texture. However, you do not have to give up the settings you are used to from other games.

One of the most ideal solutions for this is Valorant sens converter/calculator sites. You may use the Valorant sens converter to convert game sensitivities to / from Valorant. It’s completely free to use and supports a wide range of game versions. It is also simple to use.

To give an example, if you want to calculate sens from Valorant to CSGO, you can follow these steps;

  • First find a Valorant sens converter site
  • Then select the names of the games you want to convert from the converter on the homepage
  • Then enter the sens in the game you want to convert from into the desired field on the side
  • After that, the sens in the game you want to convert will be calculated and presented to you
  • You can also view specs like inch and cm per 360, these metrics suggest how much you need to move your mouse in game

How to Find the Perfect Sens in Valorant?

  • Enter the practice range and start an experiment on bots
  • Place your crosshair on the heads of the bots and move left and right to gain position control
  • Change the numbers till you can move about without having to re-adjust your crosshair
  • Your Valorant sensitivity is too high if your crosshair is sliding in the other direction or moving inward
  • If your agent continues to go outside of the head radius, you’ll need to increase your number
  • Keep adjusting until you find the sensitivity that works best for you, and you’ll eventually come to a conclusion