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Most Expensive CSGO Inventory [TOP 10 Inventories]

CSGO has an economic system that has been reflected in the real world over the years. This naturally led to the birth of a market in CSGO. Most players have thousands of dollars worth of expensive CSGO skins in their inventory, both by trading and building collections. In this article, we will try to make a list of the richest people in CSGO, that is, the people with the most expensive inventory in CSGO.

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We’ll also take a look at what skins or items are available while promoting the richest Steam inventory on our list. Come on, let’s get started without wasting too much time.

1. Pistike (techiespickers)

Steam Profile Link

At the top of our list is “Pistike” with the highest CSGO inventory value. You may swallow your tongue when you hear about the skins in the inventory. The total includes x38 AWP Medusa, x105 Dragon Lore, and x68 M4A4 Howl.

This sounds crazy, doesn’t it? When we calculate the highest inventory value in CSGO, we see a figure of $214,500. You probably won’t see so many skins together with anyone else.

Most Expensive CSGO Steam Inventory:

38AWP Medusa
105Dragon Lore
68M4A4 Howl
Total Value:$214,500

2. Joe

Steam Profile Link

We do not know any specific information about this person. Maybe this account is linked to a CSGO gambling site. In any case, it deserves to be placed second in the ranking of the best inventories in CSGO.

Although the current inventory value is unknown, it is estimated to be €325,189.16. Since we are not sure about this figure, we wanted to add it to the second row of the list.

3. ovaxere5645

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Another one of the unknown accounts. Estimated CSGO inventory value is $156,000. Since the account is new and level 1, we think it was probably used as storage. Still, they have one of the richest Steam inventories in CSGO.

4. Purotexnuk

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Steam Profile Link

Purotexnuk is one from Russia included in our list. The total value of the Steam inventory is $128,345. If you look at his inventory from the Steam profile link, you can see how many CSGO knife skins he has. I think the inventory with the most expensive knife skins in CSGO may belong to this person.

5. .mops

Steam Profile Link

.mops is another CSGO richness. When we say expensive inventory in CSGO, I think everyone thinks of Dragon Lore. The CSGO inventory value of this account has also reached $120,900 thanks to Dragon Lores and Howls. Since this person’s account is private, we cannot get much detailed information.

6. doglerdirk – Quentin

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Next on our list of the most expensive CSGO inventories is Doglerdik, now called Quentin. Quentin is the biggest knife skins collector ever to see in CSGO. There are nearly 600+ blade skins and the total inventory value is known to be $101,350. 600 blades this sounds crazy. But as you can see, everyone has a refined taste 🙂

If you have an interest in knife skins in CSGO, we invite you to read our list of the best knife skins in CSGO.

7. 兔八哥

Steam Profile Link

He is a Chinese player with the nickname 兔八哥 (brother). Brother has the most expensive stickers of 2014, specifically Katowice, which went on sale in 2014. And we think it’s in his inventory on all the other stickers released in 2014. We don’t know if you are aware of the prices of these stickers, but some are sold for as high as $45,000. While the known inventory value was $94,000 in the past, it’s now definitely over $100,000.

8. Spanky

Steam Profile Link

Spanky is a user who has been playing CSGO for many years and loves to trade constantly while playing. If you take a look at Spanky’s inventory you can see that there are over 1300 items.

In our opinion, he is someone who can rank first in the highest inventory value in CSGO over time. Because he is constantly increasing his inventory capacity and is constantly trading.

The current inventory value of steam is $98,049.

richest steam inventory

9. Alex

Steam Profile Link

This player’s inventory includes Medusa, M4A4 Howl and dozens of Gamma Doppler blade series. Although this player does not have a large inventory compared to others, they still deserve to be on our list. Because they managed to enter among the most expensive CSGO inventories with their $79,000 collection.

10. Night.

Steam Profile Link

Night CSGO has managed to make a huge collection with various gloves and knives in its inventory. If we made a list of the best knife and glove skins, you would definitely see their names in the top three. If you simply take a look at their inventory, you can see that they have over 3200 Steam items.

CSGO inventory value is a total of $88,930.


As you can see, the rich aren’t just found on Wall Street and Silicon Valley. CSGO has its own rich community. We tried to list the most expensive inventories in CSGO as best we could. We’ve also added to our list that we’re sure only individuals use the accounts as much as possible. Because we know some Steam accounts have an inventory value of more than $300,000. However, these accounts can belong to sites that sell CSGO skins.

If you have something to add, please do not forget to share it with us. Goodbye.