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Best Music Kit CSGO – TOP 5 Kits To Get

Although the best music kit CSGO is not in-game items that players go crazy over, they do play an essential role in the game. And we can conclude that its contribution to the game is negligible. These music kits, which Valve later introduced, were made available on October 10, 2014. These music kits enable players to enhance the gaming experience by adding special music to CSGO. Who wants to listen to CSGO’s default music all the time anyway?

It’s tedious to listen to the same music over and over again. This lovely in-game item music kit contains songs written and created specifically for CSGO by artists. One of the best things about these music kits is that you can share them with the entire team in-game.

In addition, the music kits include segments for various acts. For example, it includes many actions such as MVP, main menu, and death camera. As you might expect, there are many beautiful music kits that the music kit feature has been added to the game. As a result, players who want to purchase a music kit have a difficult time deciding which one to purchase.

Here are the best music kits CSGO we have listed for you.

1. Music Kit | High Noon – By feed me

Best Music Kit CSGO
  • Price: $2.44 – $3.07
  • Author(s): Feed Me
  • Tracks: 13

High Noon is a kit based on old CSGO Music Kits that was released in October 2014. Jonathan Gooch, better known by his stage name Feed Me, is a British DJ who created it. I can tell you that when you are announced as the MVP of a round, this music kit will put a smile on your face. This kit is for you if you want to listen to chilly and electronic music that will soothe you when you become the MVP at the end of the tour.

2. Music Kit | The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE

csgo music kit
  • Price: $4.67 – $5.04
  • Author: The Verkkars
  • Tracks: 13

And here is The Verkkars’ EZ4ENCE, which is one of the best and most viral music kits in CSGO! This song, which has received a lot of attention, was originally released on March 3, 2019 by The Verkkars to honor ENCE, a Finnish esports organization.

Moreover, this song was released in 2019 after ENCE reached to the grand finals of the IEM Katowice Major. This song, which accompanied the Finnish squad’s incredible delight and dreamlike moments, drew the attention of the CSGO community. Valve didn’t pass up the opportunity, and on March 28th, this great music was officially released as part of the CSGO Music Kit.

As for the market price of this excellent music kit, it’s currently available on the Steam Community Market for $5.15 – $5.30. However, you can get this item much cheaper from third-party websites such as All you have to do is sign up to get 50% off.

3. Music Kit | Various Artists, Hotline Miami

  • Price: $3.12 – $3.82
  • Author: Various Artists
  • Tracks: 13

This song came out in February 2015, and it’s one of the best music kits we’ll discuss next. A selection of tracks from the video game Hotline Miami was made by numerous musicians, which is another noteworthy feature of this music kit.

The game’s soundtrack library is immensely loved, and it has not gone forgotten by the CSGO community. This game’s music collection, which was eventually published as a music kit in CSGO, earned even more accolades in CSGO. I’m talking about a music kit with fantastic electric beats that will make you dance while you listen to it. With this music kit, you may enjoy your victory in the rounds you win.

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  • Price: $3.55 – $4.09
  • Author: AWOLNATION
  • Tracks: 15

If you are a fan of this rock band, this music kit is for you!! AWOLNATION’s iconic track “I Am” originally came out on Bull Records. This beautiful track was later released by Valve as Music Kit on September 24, 2015. If you are a rock music fan who loves happy endings, I can say that this music kit is just for you. A mix of original themes and classic options, this music kit costs $4.70 on the Steam Community Market.

5. Music Kit | Damjan Mravunac, The Talos Principle

  • Price: $3.36 – $4.45
  • Author: Damjan Mravunac
  • Tracks: 13

I don’t want to leave out an interesting fact about The Talos Principle, the final item on our list of the best CSGO music kits. What sets this music kit apart is that it has several deep cinematic and dramatic musical moments when you’re announced as the MVP of each round.

I can assure you that it will make you feel like a war hero after your victory and for your next battles. We can definitely say that it is a CSGO music kit that will amaze you. This one-of-a-kind music kit for CSGO was created by musician Damjan Mravunac and released on February 12, 2015.

Final Words

We have reached to the end of the best CSGO Music kits article we have gathered for you. We hope this information was helpful to our visitors looking to acquire a CSGO music kit. These are some of the music kits that are currently available in CSGO. If you wish to get these music kits at a lower cost, we recommend checking out the CSGO community marketplace and third-party websites.

Moreover, the music kits we listed above have been well accepted by the great majority of the CSGO community. You can buy and listen to music that appeals to your tastes more. We wish you the best of luck in your next games.