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Average CSGO Rank Guide

As you know, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive does not have a very complex rank system. However, we cannot say the same for the matchmaking system. Because cheaters and high ELO players started coming to the average CSGO players’ matches very often. Players who want to overcome these situations are wondering what the average CSGO rank is.

In today’s article, we will explore the largest player base of the CSGO player community. In other words, we are talking about average-level players who play CSGO casually. We will analyze in detail what skills they have and what rank they have on average.

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However, since Valve does not share the information on the profiles of the players, we cannot do quality rank distribution research. However, we will share with you the data we have obtained based on research conducted by independent organizations. Come on now, if you are ready, let’s take a look at the details of our article.

What is CSGO Average Rank?

When we take a look at the CSGO ranks, we see that the average ranking is Gold Nova III. Players with this rank represent 50% of the CSGO community. In addition, those with Gold Nova 3 Rank are considered to have won 50 out of 100 CSGO matches. As you can see the values are purely average. Strange as it may sound, if you rank higher than Gold Nova III you are now considered an above-average player.

The table below has been prepared according to the latest data received in August 2021. If you take a look at this table, you will have more detailed information about rank distribution 2021.

CSGO Rank Distribution 2021 August

Silver I3.9%Gold Nova I8.76%Master Guardian Elite5.24%
Silver II4.23%Gold Nova II8.79%Distinguished Master Guardian4.15%
Silver III4.37%Gold Nova III9.05%Legendary Eagle3.25%
Silver IV5.21%Gold Nova Master8.08%Legendary Eagle Master3.2%
Silver Elite6.44%Master Guardian I7.55.%Supreme Master First Class2.64%
Silver Elite Master7.78%Master Guardian II6.61%The Global Elite0.75%
  • Less than a third of the player base is Silver rank. If you are a Silver player, all you have to do is improve yourself a little more. In this way, both your ranking and your gaming comfort will increase.
  • CSGO average rank belongs to Gold Nova III rank. 49.48 of the players cover this rank. Likewise, up to Gold Nova Master, this rate goes up to 58.53%.
  • Only 20% of the player base have a rank of Master Guardian Elite or higher. If you are a player who has reached this level, you should consider yourself above the average.
  • Coming to the Global Elite rank, we see that it represents only a small part of the player base.

Some Other Information

In 2021, Leetify shared updated information about CSGO ranking distribution from each region. The rank distribution, unsurprisingly, shows the Gold Nova ranks. However, the situation differs in some regions. Especially in North America and Oceania, over 50% of players are in the silver rank. This is below 30% in other regions.

Also, because of this, Silver players in those regions may find themselves in a more difficult level after rank up. It’s hard to know what the statistic reflects, but it does appear to be an oddity compared to other regions. Maybe there are problems with the number of players leaving the game, cheaters and smurfing.

CSGO Rank Distribution 2018-2021

In terms of Rank distribution in CSGO, the only thing that hasn’t changed for years is that Gold Nova is an average rank. Especially when we take a look at CSGO average rank 2018, we see the Gold Nova III rank again. When we take a look at the sites that prepared the data, we can see that CSGO rank distribution 2019 is exactly the same as 2018. This means that there is a stable rank distribution. As a matter of fact, this is hardly surprising. In CSGO, there is a large base that plays casually and does not improve itself.

Average CSGO Rank 2018

CSGO Rank Distribution 2020

When we look at 2020, we understand that Gold Nova II is the average CSGO rank. It is followed by Gold Nova I, III and Gold Nova Master, respectively. These four rankings accounted for approximately 30% of the CSGO player base in 2020. The lowest average is found in Global Elite as always, and this rate is even less than 1%.

What Skills Do Gold Nova Players Have?

Everyone who played ranked matches in CSGO tried to reach the Gold Nova rank. For many years, you may be wondering what skills they have that the average CSGO rank is Gold Nova. Also, knowing about their skills will raise awareness among Gold rank players.

  • They know the basics in terms of in-game economy. For example, what is the eco tour and when to play it or when to buy a weapon.
  • They try to warm up before each ranked match. So they enter simple fun or deathmatch modes.
  • Only certain places on the map have information about what they do. In fact, if they knew a little more about maps, they would know the difference.
  • They are aware of the advantages of playing with a joint team.

In short, almost all of the Gold Nova 3 players see the game as entertainment. As casual players, they try to increase their rank by playing ranked matches from time to time.

What are the Features that Set Gold Nova 3 and PRO CSGO Players apart?

Although it is not very difficult to guess, as you can understand, everything is related to time. Players with most Gold Nova CSGO ranks consider the game as a break from their daily routine. Professional players, on the other hand, think of it as a job. And they spend almost most of their time playing CSGO. For example, you’ll find that some pro gamers have more than 10,000 hours of gameplay. This is almost over 1 year in time.

If you want to rise to the ranks like Global Elite, you should make it a habit to practice. We have prepared the Best CSGO Aim Training Maps guide for you. Maybe you want to take a look.

If you want to rise quickly in CSGO rank distribution ranks, you have to work hard and practice. Now you know all about the average CSGO rank with our guide. If you’re worried about being in one of the Gold Nova ranks, don’t worry. Because most players Gold players are casual. You can overcome them with minor training and gameplay differences.

Final Words

We tried to present you all the details in 2021 in terms of the CSGO Average Rank. Gold Nova has been at the center of the CSGO rank distribution for many years. If you want more up-to-date, detailed information for 2022, you can continue to follow our blog. Because there is no detailed statistical source published yet. We will compile it and share it with you when it is published.