How to Browse and Buy CS:GO Skins

CS:GO skins are extremely diverse these days. And there are more than two dozen different weapon cases that you can open. When you open such skin cases, the odds of obtaining exactly what you want are quite slim. So a better idea would be to browse and buy CS:GO skins on a marketplace such as Tradeit.

Browse and Buy CS:GO Skins

What Can Offer You

Tradeit is a skin trading site that gives you the possibility to buy and sell CSGO skins. On this site, you will a lot of options to choose from. If you’re interested in cheap CSGO skins, you’ll find a lot of them from CSGO players who want to sell them. Often at a huge discount. But if you’re interested in browse and buy CS:GO skins CSGO skins, you can list them there and wait for a buyer.

The price you ask for your CS skins is entirely up to you. When you trade skins, one question you need to ask yourself is this: do I need the money now or am I willing to wait for 3-6 months until the right buyer finds me?

The same is true when you want to buy skins. If you want an item and are willing to pay what it costs, you can buy it immediately. But if you can’t afford it or think that the price will decrease in the coming months, you can wait a bit longer. 

Browse and Buy CS:GO Skins

These days, given the growth rate of the CSGO community. The prices are likely to go up, especially for high-quality skins. You can check the price variation for the particular skin you might be interested in on the Steam Community Market.

Selling skins tends to be a bit easier than buying skins, especially if they’re Factory New or in high demand. Some weapon skins will fly off-the-slelf instantly. Simply because there are collectors who are willing to spend a lot of money to buy them even if they cost $10,000. They prioritize quality and don’t care very much about the price.

If you own a Steam account and want to use Tradeit, you can link it to the marketplace and start trading. The process is very intuitive and only takes a few minutes to grasp.

How to Browse CSGO Items

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins have several characteristics that you probably know about. First of all, they are designed for specific types of weapons. When Valve Corp introduces new skins into CSGO, every one of them is associated with a specific gun or weapon.

CSGO skins also have a rarity class, such as Exceedingly Rare (yellow), Covert (red), Classified (pink), or Restricted (purple). In addition to that, skins have a wear class, which is determined by their float value. The lower the float value of a skin, the better its wear class. A Factory New skin will be a lot more expensive than a Battle-Scarred skin.

If you’re searching for very rare skins (yellow or red) in perfect condition (Factory New), you should know that these tend to be expensive skins that cost a lot more money than the common and Field-Tested ones. 

When you browse and buy CS:GO skins in a CSGO marketplace such as Tradeit, always use the filters that are available to you. These filters will let you find what you’re looking for much faster. The most important filters that you can use are these:


You should always set the minimum and the maximum value, although the maximum value is probably the important one.


If you already know that you want to buy a knife skin, a gloves skin, or a rifle skin, you should use this filter to see only the skins associated with that type of item.


The exterior filter represents the float value or the wear class. If you’re determined to buy a Field-Tested skin or a Minimal Wear skin, you shouldn’t waste time looking at skins that have other wear classes.


If you only want to see trade offers for StatTrak skins or items that have stickers on them, you can use this filter.

How to Find the Best Price

When you buy CSGO skins, you will generally look for the best deals. If you’re serious about buying a specific skin, you should check at least once per day or per week to see what the offers are. Other users regularly list their skins and wait for the right buyer. And every day might be the day when your long-dreamed item becomes available at a decent price.

Some skins gradually lose their value because the community loses interest in them. But others only increase in price, thanks in part to their popularity. Of course, their visual appeal is also quite important, but there are many skins that look amazing and aren’t expensive at all.

Why Some Skins Are So Expensive

Just like in the art market, some skins sell for 1000x because of their rarity and perceived value. Given the size of the CSGO community, buying high-quality CSGO skins can be a very profitable investment in the long run. This game is likely going to be around for many years. It’s already been played for more than a decade and the Counter-Strike franchise is two decades old.

A skin that can be sold today for $100 might be worth $300 or even $500 in 5 years. It all depends on the size of the CS:GO community and how determined people will be to have it. Based on what we see right now, the player base is likely to grow to 15 or even 20 million in the coming years, which means that the price of skins will go up significantly.